Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Aviator converse

I was inspired by a photoshoot called the aviator . I don't know how much of an aviator you see in my outfit but I surely enjoyed the process of putting it together .

pants &cardigan zara- turtlleneck top berska-fur collar stradivarious-belt skondras
I've always wanted to do the pants -converse look , it's sort of sporty chic to me and an adult way to wear converse. The over 40 way that is.

I got nice compliments about the fur collar and I wore it once more today but this time I pinned it on the cardi and I think I got a different look. What do you think?


  1. Fun look with the fur. Love the accessories. The whole outfit is just fun to look at.

  2. What a fun colorful look! I especially love the sneakers!

  3. Yes, pinning the collar to the cardi does give it a different look. The beads/pearls are playful too. The sneakers, when I wear them, always make me feel frisky.