Sunday, 8 January 2012

Would you call this nautical?

I love nautical look but in a subtle (?)way. I mean not simply red ,white and blue. All these colors are in my outfit but in the form of the patterns which makes things a bit more interesting.

silk shirt thrifted-cotton dress thrifted-obi belt made by me
I plan to add simple cotton dresses in my wardrobe (better say sew myself) in many colors as they make great layering pieces .This one was bought a year ago for just 1euro and I plan to embelish the hem line.

I only tried to match the colors but the patterns match in a weird way like nautical and hawaian surfer's pattern together.For me this takes the outfit to a totally different level as it speaks to my love of combining things.Not everyone can notice or appreciate it but I feel special wearing this outfit and that makes my day a bit more fun.


  1. I can totally appreciate that this would make your day more fun! I love the look...I do not know if I would call it nautical...but I really like it!!

  2. I say it's nautical, colorful, creative, and very "you". : >

  3. Love how you've matched the patterns and the colors look great! Πολύ ωραίο το blog σου, τα λέμε φιλιά! :)

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    Your blog is really inspiring! I wanna follow back but now I have a connection problem. I will do it tommorow for another computer, I promice!!

    Check out my last post!!!

  5. I see it--the Hawaiian and the nautical, and the necklace. Great details. Can't believe you found the dress for 1 euro!

  6. Hey there
    Followed you back, as promised!!