Monday, 2 January 2012

Lovely jacket and lace

The new year didn't start quite as good .It's only Monday and the weight of everyday life weighs already on my shoulders as you can see on the photo below.

Nothing seems prosperous today but good times will come again maybe tomorrow . I decided to stay true to my promise to post an outfit everyday for a whole year because it's one of the few challenges that gives me pleasure.

black sweater marks&spencer- silk scarf is a present-lace tunic given by mom -skirt  made by me

I tried to combine the different textures of lace and silk , show off the closeness of their color against a black background to make things more dramatic.

Plus I always felt drawn to dust pink against black as I consider it a great adult way to wear pink.

On my way out of the house to face the big ugly world I decided to add one of my favorite jackets. The way the fabric of the jacket contrasts with lace made me feel more special and positive .

By the time I noticed the little thread coming out there was nothing I could do so my apologies fot that.

In the hopes that all tomorrows will be great I leave you for now !


  1. Love the colors in your jacket. It looks very similar to the one I am wearing in my post today. The lace top is just beautiful.

  2. I LOVE this look! I'm really impressed that you'll be posting an outfit everyday...wishing you better days ahead!

  3. Yes, our daily routine resumes tomorrow...with a very necessary trip to the dentist. I love lace, but it gives me fits figuring our the best way to wear it. I had never considered wearing it UNDER something else, so you've given me an idea.