Sunday, 22 January 2012


Luxury has always been so elusive to me. I've never worn gold or velvet or fur or lace until recently. What I realize now is that they give instant glamour to an outfit and healthy amounts of confidence to my behaviour.

dress zara-pink shirt local shop on sale-fur collar&belt stradivarious
 In today's outfit I just added this fake fur collar and suddenly I felt so classy and 50's kind of lady. Oh! I suspect those women knew how to dress. Even now when I look at photos of this era I always get amazed at how well dressed people were even if they were poor. I don't know maybe they wore their special clothes just for the photos.

The jewels today were bought seperately but match so good together and their retro vibe matches the fur collar.
The truth is that I felt luxurious today but for just a while because then I turned on the TV to watch the news and the miserable reality kicked in my living room and I felt desperate and helpless the rest of the evening.I should have known better and throw my TV out of the window.

But let's change the mood a bit and go over at Patti's blog for the Visible Monday series. There one can find many real life bloggers who try to make themselves visible no matter what the situation is.


  1. This is gorgeous!! My favorite look of yours so far!!

  2. You do look luxurious and very pretty in your fur and jewels, Angie! I agree the TV news can be very demoralizing, esp in your country right now. Perhaps a wonderful 1950's movie would lift your mood : >

    Come and post your look at Visible Monday if you get a chance!

  3. The fur collar is fabulous. The one little bit of fur I own is this same color and you've got me thinking how to pair it with my grey!

  4. exw pathisi me to veloudo... mono etsi to perigrafw pleon... :P Teleio post! kai teleio blog, xairomai para polu pou to anakalypsa!
    Followed ennoeitai! ;)
    xx R.

  5. Love the jewel tones in your accessories. Very stylish.
    I think that in the 50's people did dress up for photos. Because film and developing was so expensive people wanted to make the most of their pictures. At least that is my theory.
    I am sorry that things are so awful in your country now. Sometimes it is better just to hide away and not listen to the news.

  6. I totally agree about the brings back the glamour of yesteryears. I'm sorry the news there is so gloomy. Sending you hugs!

  7. Sorry about the news. But maybe a little color therapy is just the thing! Love the regal opulence of that jewelry.

  8. geia sou koukla!euxaristw polu polu gia to comment sou!to panteloni itan ena palio mauro kai to ekana etsi me xlorini episis prin kapoia xronia kai einai apo ta agapimena mou!love and kisses from

  9. Totally digging the fur! That stole amps the whole outfit up and the colour is gorgeous on you!

    <3 Cambria

  10. Poli gliko Blog! Poli kali douleia!
    Se parakoloutho enoeite! An theleis mporeis na deis k to diko m