Friday, 31 October 2014

The layer season

Finally, the rainy days are here but not yet need for tights as it's pretty warm. Still the weather permits the first attempts of layering . So vintage thrifted and hand sewn dress over a silk and thrifted pale blue shirt and both under my 5 years old cardigan. Boy, I had a lot of fun!!!

                                                And totally autumn colors, don't you think?

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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Old clothes, new ways

Αnd of an era today. My point and shoot camera Nikon coolpix refused to co operate and totaly stopped responding. I wouldn't start looking for a new one unless my old one failed me which happened today. Until I find my next camera I will be shooting with my Alcatel one touch mobile.
I had the white denim pants for quite sometime now but never enjoyed wearing them until recently. I assure you they make a stanning backdrop to any top.
I bought the ring today while going to work. I had forgotten my ring at home and I needed a quick fix. At the price of one euro this ring looks great!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The new white shirt

Τhe perfect white shirt or just a simple white shirt must be the hardest piece of clothing to find. I tried 15 shirt before I could find the almost perfect one.

*white shirt Stradivarious * denim pants M&S * blue cardigan Massimo Dutti

It took 15  tries and a few hours to find my shirt. It took my son only five minutes to scan the place and choose the jacket below. What can I say? Men and women are so different when it comes to shopping!!!

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Happy new stuff

This was a very long weekend for educators in Greece because of a national celebration, the fight against Fasism during the 2 World war. So, I had today off. And no, I didn't spend the day on quality time for me but finishing off all kinds of unfinished projects.
But I'm happy  of the results and the peace of mind I enjoy now.

I'm so happy I can add something new and rework my old clothes. I had no more interest about the skirt and basic tshirt but look so nice together with the new cardi.
*skirt thrifted * tshirt Marks and Spencer *cardi Pink Woman * shoes Berska

Vintage posters about the resistance and bits selected by students.

 On Friday I was the lucky witness of the greatest rainbow ever!!!

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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Classy cardigan

I fell in love with the black and white stripe cardigan when I saw it. I think it will renew what I already have and it looks oh! so classy. My frame of mind right now is just that. Buy a few new items to tie together what I already have.

                                            *dress M&S *black cardi pink woman * bag axel

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Another skirt, another day

Another skirt, another day and the realisation that I don't own a great fitted beige skirt although it makes a great basic. It's kind of hard though to find a skirt that fits like glove,  is a decent lenght ,is made of strong material and doesn't cost the earth. Until then this thrifted,actually swapped skirt serves me all right.

                       *shirt thrifted* skirt swapped* shoes Berska* Bag Axel *bangle swapped  

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The new great skirt

Αlthough I own a respectable number of clothing I'm not yet aware of the so called gaps in my wardrobe. I didn't for example own a black well fitted pencil skirt. But I do now and I can make lots of new combinations out of the respectable number of clothes I already own.

                                                  *pencil skirt Zara *shirt Oliver thrifted * bag Axel

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Monday, 20 October 2014

Pray for the rain

Rain, rain we need rain. If I were the prime minister I would name tomorrow 'the national dance for the rain to come' day. It's so dry although a bit cooler as you can see from my sweater.
On a totally different note, I experiment a lot at school this year which makes everything so much more lively and interesting. Except for the days when everything fails and the lesson doesn't go as planned. But even then I don't get frustrated any more and I just take notes to see what not to repeat.

                                              My best middle boy in the world with kitty

                                                          Almost dance for the rain to come

*Sweater Pink woman * pants M&S * shoes Berska *

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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Brand new, full price pants

Saturday's are for experiment and I can wear a bit crazier combos as I don't have to be at school environment. The camera failed me a bit today for unknown reasons but I hope you get the feeling of the outfit.

*Top Benetton ( thrifted) * long skirt worn as a...short skirt * Pants Autograph by Marks& Spencer brand new for 50 euro* shoes Skondras

 Cat and daughter know how to have fun in the garden on a sunny autumn day ( well still summer over here)
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