Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Happy new stuff

This was a very long weekend for educators in Greece because of a national celebration, the fight against Fasism during the 2 World war. So, I had today off. And no, I didn't spend the day on quality time for me but finishing off all kinds of unfinished projects.
But I'm happy  of the results and the peace of mind I enjoy now.

I'm so happy I can add something new and rework my old clothes. I had no more interest about the skirt and basic tshirt but look so nice together with the new cardi.
*skirt thrifted * tshirt Marks and Spencer *cardi Pink Woman * shoes Berska

Vintage posters about the resistance and bits selected by students.

 On Friday I was the lucky witness of the greatest rainbow ever!!!

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  1. very nice look! :)


  2. aahhh - the new cardi at work! making old skirt and shirt looking and feeling like brandnew! btw - the skirt is soo much you! the bold contrasting check and the classic cut suits you very good!
    that rainbow is fantastic!!!

  3. I've been missing your posts! But hopefully now I'm organised :-)
    Loving your new classic look as much as your colourful fun look! We can have both and have fun!
    I love your rainbow, but more I love your outlook...talk of the rainbow, not the rain!
    My sons are so different when shopping...one is like your son, and the other is more like you and me!
    xo JJ