Thursday, 30 October 2014

Old clothes, new ways

Αnd of an era today. My point and shoot camera Nikon coolpix refused to co operate and totaly stopped responding. I wouldn't start looking for a new one unless my old one failed me which happened today. Until I find my next camera I will be shooting with my Alcatel one touch mobile.
I had the white denim pants for quite sometime now but never enjoyed wearing them until recently. I assure you they make a stanning backdrop to any top.
I bought the ring today while going to work. I had forgotten my ring at home and I needed a quick fix. At the price of one euro this ring looks great!


  1. Sorry about your camera finally giving up the ghost. Love that cardigan, what a great colour, especially against the gingham shirt. xxx

  2. I like the pants with the shoes. They go together well.

  3. Lovely shots! Love the White cuffs against the cardigan with the fresh white pants. Your ring looks like a butterfly landed on your finger with a flower :-D xo JJ

  4. love you dancing on the wet street :-)
    once i lived in my white levis 501 - now seeing you rocking a white jeans i think i need something like that for next summer. maybe shorts or a pencil skirt.... runs to the fabric stash looking for white.....

  5. Wonderful outfit, love it! You look so happy and upbeat! Hope you'll find the best camera for you soon. But these pics are great too! xxx