Monday, 18 January 2010

Is this a plaid shirt?

How about coming back from work  to a tidy houseand still have some time to enjoy a cup or two of coffee before kids come back from school?Isn't that happiness?
I 'm gonna get there on time time!!!
Finally I pinned down that hole in my Wardrobe.It's that I don't have skirts or tousers that I really like.I hope to fix this sometime soon.

Long black T shirt zara basic
Plaid shirt present from my mum
cardi Zara (shortened by me)
bracelet have no idea 

Saturday, 16 January 2010

inside the house

It seems from the pictures that olive green and purple make for a very good combination.The belt and the graphic scarf  make the outfit more interesting but I don;t think the denim skirt fits in the picture. What do you think? i'm in two minds about the skirt .Should I keep it or not?
long sleeve Stradivarious
cardi Berska
 silk scarf Marks &Spencer
skirt Zara
shoes cheap 10 euros

Friday, 15 January 2010

olive picking part 2

Everytime we get one of those full I get a super feeling of accomplishment.

Not a shadow in my world except this one which is pretty cute!!!!

When me and my husband finished a hard days work I looked up in the sky and I was speechless. The grand olive picking finale!!!
How do you feel when working in the nature? Is it more rewarding?

Thursday, 14 January 2010

A quiet week day

Remix is my middle name.Black ,purple and brown are my colours today. I own all these items for over a year now except for the purple scarf. I used to wear a lot of purple when I was younger but the stopped .This year purple was hot so I gave it a try and I really enjoy it.Bottom line quiet dressing for a quiet week day.
When I started this blog ,I only knew I had to do it. I still don't know why but it seems to me of value to document something of my every day life.It's like a diary with the added bonus that I try to look as good as I can.
I've also become more skillful with my camera and the editing of pictures .I sometimes think it's vain my preoccupation with clothes but somehow I know it's more than that.
So my question to my fellow bloggers is why do you blog about fashion and style? What good does it bring to your every day life? How does it make you  a better person?

Thursday, 7 January 2010

chinese dress challenge day 2

It's been an amazing holiday period for me and my family that today comes to an end . Tomorrow morning me  and the kids will go back to school.
We took good rest ,we played board games ,we spent time with members of the family and now we are ready to face the challenges of the new year.
Speaking of challenges here is a minor one. How to wear my favourite dress for 5 days in a row .
Yesterday I had it with my boyfriend jacket on .Today, I put it over my denim skirt and purple long sleeved t shirt. Then ,I accessorised with my ring and bracellete and I chose my red shoes to inject a bit more colour.
I'm pleased with the end result. I managed to create a confy ,warm,interesting outfit using what I already own.
How do you feel each time you create a new outfit out of what you already have? An  outfit that you hadn't think of it before?  Good luck for the rest of the day !!!!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Chinese dress challenge Day one.

It's getting easier to post my blogs and I enjoy taking my photos a lot more. But what I enjoy more is that I stick to my commitment to post 5 days a week. I hope I can stay true to my goal for a year . And I hope I won't run out of outfit ideas.
I've also taken the 365 self portrait challenge in Flickr I will keep you informed with a post at the end of the week .

Well ,when I first saw this dress I instantly liked it. I put it in my heart that I will find a way to style it so that it fits my age . I hope I did something right about it with today's post so please let me know.

I put my red tank top so that it doesn't reveal much cleavage then I layered it with my black leggings and put on my purple hat .I thought the jacket and the pearls would give my outfit a twist and from what I see they did.(The jacket is part of a suit I had bought 6 years ago and I've worn it very few times ).

There is also something else that is troubling me . How much support should a blogger expect from the people close to her? Have you ever blogged without support and how did you deal with it?

Monday, 4 January 2010

Blue black & white

This is another sunny day in my part of the world. Me in the garden again posing for my outfits. I don't feel like I know what I'm doing but I'm progressing(or at least I think so).
It's been a busy day,that is I cooked ,took my daughter to the doctor ,did some computer work ,baked home made bread ,planned the menu for the week, talked with mummy via Skype and played board games among other things.
To be well dressed for all of the above I simply put on my Berska blue tank top and a simple white long sleeved  t shirt together with my black pants that I didn't wear for a long time.
Now I know this was too simple for my taste so I moved the magic wand and..... I accessorised. My hat came out first then my polka dot scarf (one of the first I bought a few year ago) then my thin black belt and  the red shoes.I'm happy with my outfit ,it's not fancy but I used well what I already own .
I also decided to spice things up alittle and challenge me to wear my favourite chinese dress for 5 days in a raw in all different combinations.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

My little china dress

I'm very pleased with the fact that I've managed until now to not show any of our six bikes or our 3 dogs .
Today I surprised myself because a) I wore this multi colourfull dress without looking like I go through a middle age crisis and b) I put on my boots with this pair of socks with lace ending that I didn;t know how to wear for 10 years now but I didn't feel it in my heart to throw away.

I 'm so happy that everything looks decent and the denim skirt adds lenght to the dress.
Now here is the photo I took of my closet. I'm a big believer  of the consept that you don't need tons of money to look stylish . What you need is tons of creativity . This alone with some common sense will make your wardrobe go from drab to fab.

I only own another drawer with clothes from summer and clothes that I wear indoors or shabby old favourites of mine. Plus a few coats and Jackets. (I plan to do some photos of my coat and jacket small collection.
Hey I'm a real woman so no fancy ultra modern stuff around. Everithing you see in my blog until now comes from this closet. Have a nice day!!!!!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

70's feeling in 2010

Today was another fine day and but really hot for this time of the year.It makes me worry because the climate is changing really fast and we don't seem to do something drastic about it.
I chose this outfit because I wanted to wear my LBD as a skirt.Out of necessity (it's the only long sleeved I've got) I wore this purple long sleeve and to top it all of I put on my 3 years old red tank top.

Because of red and purple I felt like venturing in the 70's hence the scarf on my head . A bit of accessories to make the end result more interesting and I'm set to go.
Lately, I get a lot of compliments that I don't wear the same outfits plus I get a lot comments on how big and stuffed my closet is. Well ,I'm working on showing you tomorrow the contents of my closet.