Thursday, 14 January 2010

A quiet week day

Remix is my middle name.Black ,purple and brown are my colours today. I own all these items for over a year now except for the purple scarf. I used to wear a lot of purple when I was younger but the stopped .This year purple was hot so I gave it a try and I really enjoy it.Bottom line quiet dressing for a quiet week day.
When I started this blog ,I only knew I had to do it. I still don't know why but it seems to me of value to document something of my every day life.It's like a diary with the added bonus that I try to look as good as I can.
I've also become more skillful with my camera and the editing of pictures .I sometimes think it's vain my preoccupation with clothes but somehow I know it's more than that.
So my question to my fellow bloggers is why do you blog about fashion and style? What good does it bring to your every day life? How does it make you  a better person?

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