Monday, 4 January 2010

Blue black & white

This is another sunny day in my part of the world. Me in the garden again posing for my outfits. I don't feel like I know what I'm doing but I'm progressing(or at least I think so).
It's been a busy day,that is I cooked ,took my daughter to the doctor ,did some computer work ,baked home made bread ,planned the menu for the week, talked with mummy via Skype and played board games among other things.
To be well dressed for all of the above I simply put on my Berska blue tank top and a simple white long sleeved  t shirt together with my black pants that I didn't wear for a long time.
Now I know this was too simple for my taste so I moved the magic wand and..... I accessorised. My hat came out first then my polka dot scarf (one of the first I bought a few year ago) then my thin black belt and  the red shoes.I'm happy with my outfit ,it's not fancy but I used well what I already own .
I also decided to spice things up alittle and challenge me to wear my favourite chinese dress for 5 days in a raw in all different combinations.

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