Monday, 31 January 2011

Confessions of a proud remixer

I have a certain confession to make. Two months ago, when I first tried Kendi's challenge little did I know that this idea would turn into something permanent in the way I dress everyday!
Like I've already said when the challenge was over I found myself at a loss .I felt like I was all over the place, had no idea what to wear and somehow lacked direction!
Then a thought appeared with hesitation at first... why don't I pick some items again and see what new outfits will come out of those?
Then Kendi announced the second round but although I liked and enioyed the first one I  didn't want to go offtcial this time.
So I picked my items ( I admit I got inspired by her choice), I missed the dates and I present you with my first outfit!
The benefits for me are that my closet is neat again and has plenty of room so I can take a good look of my 30 items as I've put the rest away only to rediscover them in a couple of weeks.
I will remix the hell out of these 30 items and surprise myself and others(I hope) with my new outfits.
Would you make this approach a permanent feature to your dressing habits? Or do you want to have unlimited possibilities right in front of you every time you open your closet?

This is what my outfit looked like when I left home this morning! I plan to remix 3 jackets as lovely Kendi will do that were sitting in my closet since last automn!
You wanna see details?

It looks fancy right? have a happy enjoyable remixing and many thanks to Kendi for having this great idea!!!

Saturday, 29 January 2011

My first shirt dress

 I like blogging cause t it gives me the chance to experiment with writing and photography  and document the process on top of that!. Every time I see the progress I've ,I pat me in the shoulder ( I've practiced that ,too).

Since last week I'm struggling with my camera. Today I had some free time and I took 300 photos only to keep but a few. However settings and myself are not total strangers any more!
How many photos do you take for each post?What's the main reason to get blurry photos ?

On to the outfit now .I bought this shirt dress yesterday ( I liked the pattern so much) together with a dress and a denim shirt at very low price! I felt so proud of myself cause my patience was rewarded!
However , I'm  a bit  troubled as I've never styled a shirt dress before.My husband was a great help and  steered me out of some stylistic mistakes,today.
At one point he offered to bring me the mop cause I looked like a cleaning lady!!! He was joking (I hope) and the thing is this outfit we both liked looks cool!!!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Try things out a bit

Not so happy for this pose!Let's try again!

Well , I'll walk . I can do it better!

 That's my first spin! We talk about some serious play with the camera!!!

How about a closer look at my outfit !You wanna see details?

This last photo will show you what my heart was craving for the whole winter but I didn't have the courage to try

The socks picking out of the boots style!!!

And because I'm all over the place today I want your advice! What do you think of the Ugg style boots. I've seen these boots worn by all ages and I can't make up my mind if they are appropriate for the over 40 gals.

See also how I've worn this blouse a year ago

Same pair of shoes...yes, I know!!!
I'm really puzzled about this blouse and althought I love the print and the colors I never felt it fits me and never felt really confortable wearing it...well until today! No seriously,when I paired it with the shirt it felt so right and warm and fitting and easy to wear!I think I found its style twin.Have you had moments like this?To finally strike a combination that looks and feels good  maybe just before you place the garment in the give away pile!!!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Easy outfit

First of all I want to hear your applause cause I managed the walking pose. Every fashion blogger who respects herself has a photo where she walks or jumps or sits!!!
Well, today I definitely wanted to wear my super easy obi belt ,see tutorial here,so I worked with similar colors like the green  necklace  and cobalt blue sweater. I did add some purple to bring more interest into the outfit.All in all it was an easy,comfortable outfit that I plan to wear again and again!!!

Monday, 24 January 2011

When I first moved in the new house I felt uneasy for a couple of weeks and this had an impact in my closet and the way I dressed. My closet was not organised and the clothes were not all washed and ironed back in their place .On top of that the closet is new and I was not familiar with the selves and what goes where .As a result I didn't have an overall look of what I own.
I 'm saying all this because I realised that the less control I had over my closet the more confused I was about other aspects of my life!
I was over the top surprised when I realised that many times I had felt worried or out of balance in my old house I would open my closet , take a look at how neat and well organised everything was and I felt instantly self confident and  ready for the challenge ahead!
Have you ever felt so...close to your closet or am I losing it? Do you feel more in control when your closet is organised?
Excusez moi while experimenting with my camera yet again (with no great results).
My outfit is inspired by a fellow blogger but I don't recall who to give her credits!(sorry).I wanted to wear this loud dress and I like the black on top and on my feet. I even did the boots and socks combo but I'm not sure I like the result.On the whole this outfit was comfortable and served me well on a busy day at school!!!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Like all things in life I only want what I don't have and now that the challenge 30 for 30 is over I feel so lost in the morning!
I'm suddenly  free to choose from all the contents in my wardrobe and I...'m standing there unable to make a choice!
I was craving for variety and free choice and now that I have it and I don't know what to do with it!
Shall I call the therapist and make an appointment? Hell , no! I will just take a deep breath, I won't give my thoughts more credit and I will come up with an outfit like the one I'm wearing!
I'm developing a special connection to anything stripe-y and plaids. So plaids it is for this casual outfit that took me throught a very busy but full of familly bliss day!!!
Have you ever experienced a similar  fear of freedom? Do you take your own thoughts seriously most of the time?Are you brave and do things even if you don't know how they will turn out?...Good!!!
I go now check on the dishes (no one else does in my house) and I will read on your responses later!!! Have fun!!!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Finito Outfit #30#

My last outfit was styled around this pretty obi belt. It's an obi belt I easily made myself! I thought of it myself but I'm sure others must have thought of it as well. It's super easy!
I bought two ties very cheap although made of pure silk .
The evidence
Then I put one end over the other to make one piece

And I stich (machine or hand stich)  as shown. I'm sure you get the picture.It's not brain surgery .
So how about making your own in any combination possible and let  me know. As for me more challenges for the moment!!!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Getting there Outfit #29#

I used to be a quitter. Quitter was my middle name.Then, I got married and had children and quitting was not an option anymore. Plus I had to be a positive role model for my kids.
What I'm trying to say is that today I'm mostly happy for the fact that I made it to 29 than for my improvement in style (if there was any)!!!
Have you also struggled with feelings of quitting during the challenge? Have you lost your inspiration? Is it a permanent loss?

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Revelations plus a bonus Outfit #27# and #28#

Basically I'm a skirts and dresses kind of woman but today I want to reveal that when the temperature falls all I can think of is trousers.They are super warm and work well with  my boots.
Another thing I want to reveal about this outfit is that in a desperate attempt to hide the 3 kilos I got over the holidays I stressed the area around my neck with a scarf and...a necklace!
All wandering eyes will be punished!!!

Wait , there is more to reveal today...While checking my photos to make a collage I came across the above outfit that I forgot to post.God must be happy with me for reasons unknown to me.This bonus outfit is my typical style embellished with one of my favorite necklaces.
And for the finale you can get a glimpse of my old and my new backyard. I like how similar they look .
On the whole, we have made enough memories in our new house during the holidays so we can call  it home. Have a great wintery weekend!!!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

The great come back!!! Outfits #24# #25# #26#

Oh  God !I am sooo happy to be back in blogosphere. Blogging has made my life so much richer the last year  but I hadn't realised how much until I lost it for about a month!!!
Now, don't get me wrong. I didn't spend the entire time feeling depressed or uneasy . After all , I had a family to take care of and make sure  they feel warm and comfortable and happy in their new home!
But as soon as I got internet connection again and started surfing my favorite blogs it was like meeting people I know and hadn't seen for a long time!!!
Right there in the middle of my living room there goes a parade  of nice , supporting  , stylish people again that make my everyday life  more interesting and glamorous!!!
On to the actual outfits now ,I'm probably the last one to finish the 30 for 30 challenge. To be honest I'm very much challenged because I have no idea what to wear next .I've been looking at the same clothes in my closet for more than a month and ...I need inspiration!!!
Is there something you want to see more of? A color combination maybe? My face? I bet you do but no.
I'm looking forward to checking all the blogs and commenting,check what you are up to.