Monday, 24 January 2011

When I first moved in the new house I felt uneasy for a couple of weeks and this had an impact in my closet and the way I dressed. My closet was not organised and the clothes were not all washed and ironed back in their place .On top of that the closet is new and I was not familiar with the selves and what goes where .As a result I didn't have an overall look of what I own.
I 'm saying all this because I realised that the less control I had over my closet the more confused I was about other aspects of my life!
I was over the top surprised when I realised that many times I had felt worried or out of balance in my old house I would open my closet , take a look at how neat and well organised everything was and I felt instantly self confident and  ready for the challenge ahead!
Have you ever felt so...close to your closet or am I losing it? Do you feel more in control when your closet is organised?
Excusez moi while experimenting with my camera yet again (with no great results).
My outfit is inspired by a fellow blogger but I don't recall who to give her credits!(sorry).I wanted to wear this loud dress and I like the black on top and on my feet. I even did the boots and socks combo but I'm not sure I like the result.On the whole this outfit was comfortable and served me well on a busy day at school!!!


  1. I love the purple and pink together! Those tights and boots are awesome.

    I'm the same way when my closet or anything really is out of order. I have to have everything in its place or I'm so stressed out.

  2. Thanks for your comment! I am loving your bright pink pashmina! I wish I had that color.

  3. An organized closet definitely affects my sense of well-being. We have been remodeling our master bedroom and for nearly 6 weeks my clothing was scattered every where. That CAN affect what a girl is able to put together.

  4. I felt the same way when I moved! It took me twice as long to get ready in the morning because I couldn't find anything and I felt all out of whack for the rest of the day. Not to mention, I didn't have a full-length mirror for a few weeks, so I had no idea what my outfits looked like!

  5. Isn't that the worst feeling? I hate when my closet is out of order! I love the pink and purple colors together. :)

  6. Love the colors together - so bright and springy!

    I feel the same way with my closet. I went through and organized it and put together outfits over the holidays. Makes it so much easier and quicker to get ready in the mornings. I feel all put together and makes the day go better.