Saturday, 22 January 2011

Like all things in life I only want what I don't have and now that the challenge 30 for 30 is over I feel so lost in the morning!
I'm suddenly  free to choose from all the contents in my wardrobe and I...'m standing there unable to make a choice!
I was craving for variety and free choice and now that I have it and I don't know what to do with it!
Shall I call the therapist and make an appointment? Hell , no! I will just take a deep breath, I won't give my thoughts more credit and I will come up with an outfit like the one I'm wearing!
I'm developing a special connection to anything stripe-y and plaids. So plaids it is for this casual outfit that took me throught a very busy but full of familly bliss day!!!
Have you ever experienced a similar  fear of freedom? Do you take your own thoughts seriously most of the time?Are you brave and do things even if you don't know how they will turn out?...Good!!!
I go now check on the dishes (no one else does in my house) and I will read on your responses later!!! Have fun!!!


  1. I absolutely love this outfit. I love the layered shirts and the pop of color in the necklace.

    I haven't done the 30 for 30 yet, but I'm going to participate in the one starting February 3rd so we'll see how that goes...

  2. Hmm. 30 for 30 was only difficult in the taking-photos-every-day part for me. Those were the clothes I would've worn every day anyway, so it wasn't any different when it ended. Are you gonna do the next installment?

  3. And you look great. Those dark jeans lengthen and slenderize and the pop of color is around your face, where it can make the most impact. Bravo!

  4. The plaid looks great with the black and like you "wanting what you don't have" I like your necklace.

    Looks like you have great natural light in the new place.

    I found two ties today to make that obi belt you wore on Day 30!

  5. Hello Angie!!!!!!!!

    i saw you'd left a comment last nite at Terri's and woke up this morning to go check your blog first thing - only to see in my e-mail that you'd already left me a comment on TDE!

    really, this is a perfect example of why i should follow blogs - i'm afraid my reader or whatever will too clogged and un-wieldy.....BUT then i wouldn't have missed AN ENTIRE WEEK of your being back.

    wow, you've got some really great necklaces this year - green, the gold and black chain, the multi-color one. and you're showing them off fabulously! happy new year and welcome back! steph

  6. I love the necklace! The sphere around the beads that's awesome.

  7. Good reason to try the 30x30 again! ;-)