Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Green pants and stripes

For long periods of time documenting outfits doesn't fit in my lifestyle and the life commitments.
Although I want to post everyday, it just doesn't happen. I learnt to live with it ( it's not that difficult anyway ha ha). And then it all starts again and I get my blogging back en route.

Sweater*Pink woman * pants thrifted and shortened* leather bag Axel* jewels bought in local market for 50cents each yeah* shoes Berska


  1. Very cute look, with those fab shoes! It's nice to see you again, xox.

  2. very nice! :)


  3. Welcome back! I missed your gorgeous outfits, and your sunny smile! Xo JJ

  4. hey - you´r back!
    not that we missed you ;-P
    love that stripey sweater with pops of color. and your laughing face - you look so happy!
    maybe posting every day is much to much. it would be for me. but after the 5. day i get the itch to write something....