Sunday, 15 January 2012

Shopping for potential

Some years ago , I bought this tartan shirt from a local clothes manufacturer with mixed feelings ,mainly because it was cheap and seemed like a basic piece. In my mind , it wasn't female enough or adult enough ( you know... grunge looks) to contribute much to my style.

skirt max mara-shirt local shop-scarf & belt Stradivarious-bag voque-earrings oh la la
Now I love its strong red color and its classic pattern and I hope to make a lot of creative outfits out of this shirt the years to come. ( It's a strong cotton/polyester bland and doesn't wear out).

I was never a big fun of long earrings but I'm into reconsidering mood. I've worn this pair twice but I always liked the color. Now that I come to think of it both the shirt and the earrings , I bought because they had potential and a good price and not because I really liked . Where does that leave me in terms of conscious shopping ?
I'm not sure but I'm glad I have both in my possession.

           ***** This is how I've worn my tartan shirt in the last month. We talk about a big crash!*****

Check out so many more lovely outfits on Visible Monday 's series of one of my favorite bloggers Patty.


  1. Love your accessories and boots...thanks for the up-close pictures! Enjoy your Sunday!!

  2. I like all the ways you are styling that shirt, Angie - it looks terrific with the wide sash belt and denim skirt.

  3. Tartan plaids were popular when I was a teen, long before grunge was any sort of fad. I don't have the same associations with it you do. If the shirt was part of my wardrobe, I would likely knot it at the waist and wear with a denim skirt.

  4. Tosa polla wraia aoutfits me auto to poukamiso!Nice earrings!

    Style LimeLight

  5. uperoxa axesouar**panta ta xazeuw*molis sas edwsa ena blog award.check this out if you want
    lot of kisses**

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