Saturday, 7 January 2012

My weekend

Some days are just for comfort , like when it's Saturday and my little world is falling apart unless I did something like shopping groceries,cleaning,cooking,doing laundry and studying.
My outfit had to be simple but my accessories did the trick and saved the day.See for yourself...

strippes zara -sweater marks &spencer-scarf blanco-bag utterque-vest sprider
I think my accessories deserve a better presantation today and I have to note that the little yellow bracelet with the bow is made by me .

Now , it's later in the afternoon already and I am going to relax with my family watching a movie. Have a nice Sunday!


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  2. Could you do a DIY about the bracelet...I really like it and have resolved to return to more DIY projects. You truly have mastered the art of the scarf!

  3. I'm so glad you're back posting more often- I've missed your perspective! Hope your holidays were relaxing!

  4. I really like those casual outfits. The style you're projecting there is one that I strive for, though I often run a little short on accessories. Very nice!