Thursday, 12 January 2012

A bit of luxury

It's sales time here in Greece and a shopping fever took over me . I hadn't been in a shop for months but I managed to save a few bucks so last week I looked around and made a few purchases , mostly accessories. For the first time my shopping was targeted and filled some gaps. This faux leather collar was something I had in mind to add a  touch of luxury and warmth to my outfits. I bought it in black and emerald as well.

fur collar stradivarious-shirt thrifted-skirt guasimodo??
The black skirt is of 2 years ago and it's a very basic grandmother-ish skirt but I gave it a little twist by belting it a bit higher than my natural waist. By doing so I changed the proportions and the fit is better and the skirt looks more modern.

However , my main  issue today  was adding a bit of luxury to my outfit by using my silk skirt , my faux fur collar and vintage like bracelet.

So what I learnt today is that by changing the proportions and by adding a bit of luxury I can turn my somehow oldfashioned skirt into something more special.


  1. I think this outfit is fabulous. It really does look rich.

    It's sale time here too and while I didn't go crazy, I did get some fun things like yesterday's booties and some basics like turtlenecks and jeans.

    Also, Angie, I wanted to ask you if it's okay to use your photo from your January 6th post in an upcoming post on my blog. I'd link back to your blog, of course.

    Just let me know!


  2. I couldn't see the "grandmother" quality in the skirt at all at first...and then, I saw, the trick. Ingenious--it does give it a more youthful vibe. Can't wait to see ALL of those furs.

    How did it feel to shop after a few months?