Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Ethnic inspired

I've been accumulating basics , prints and accessories for two years now and finally I feel like I have all ingredients to cook up new outfits. It could be that my inspiration is running high . I even went a little ethnic today which I heard is a minor trend this year ,which means it could be huge next season which means I'm even ahead of fashion or so I wish!

scarf bianco-denim shirt berska-belt massimo dutti-dress berska-overcoat burberry

What I can say for sure is that every little thing on this outfit is bought on sale which shows that I can restrain myself. I even went shopping today only to find out that sales don't start until tomorrow so I just spotted a few accessories and went back home.

I fell in love with the scarf which has a beautiful pattern and warm colors that I particullary love .The belt makes for nice military and safari inspired looks but I haven't explored these domains jet.


  1. that is a beautiful scarf, Angie, and a very cool look for you .

  2. Your blog is so inspiring!
    I found it right now and am curious to browse around.
    Greetings from Munich in Bavaria.

  3. I agree with Patti, the scarf is beautiful. And like you, I've been known to scout things out before a sale.

  4. hello sweetheart!!thank you so much for your comment and the great honor you put my blog on your blog list!it means so much to are so sweet.hope to keep in touch.lot of kisses**