Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Styling is a challenge

Today I got a great compliment at work. A colleaque said she saw this dotty shirt of mine on a pile of clothes (that's where I got it from) and looked awful. But when she saw it on me it looked great. That's what I love about styling ...how any cloth can be transformed.

dotty shirt on sale-black sweater marks &spencer-chaki shirt husband's own-stripped scarf zara belt skondras
I even figuered 2 ways to wear the shirt ,that's how much I like it. For the second one my husband commented I look like a cow girl.Can this be so?

As for the accessories I love how the animal print matches the dots.I could never figure this out a few years ago.


  1. Styling is difficult. Sometimes even when I love a piece, I'm not able to style it in a way that I like and have to give up on it. So sad.

    I think you've done a great job in both looks and I love the dots with the animal print!

  2. She's right...it does look great on you!!

  3. It's true! Often I notice other bloggers styling things in creative ways, and I'm not quite master enough of accessories to even pull off a similar look. I like the dots with the leopard.