Thursday, 5 January 2012

Remix evolution

The skirt that I obsessively remix today used to be a halterneck dress which didn't do justice to my upper body as it's usually the case to all 40+ women with this kind of dresses. I love how it turned out but still the pattern of the skirt is a bit unusual . So I vowed to make it versatile. Here is my results...

skirt thrifted and altered- stripped shirt zara - stripped t shirt zara- tartan shirt gifted -black cardi mark and spencer.
I like full skirts but I'm not sure how to wear them. Today I tried to wear my skirt a little higher of my natural waist and belt it. From what I see in the photos it gives a nice sillhouette .

A bit of pink and turquoise to spice things up...

and textured black tights and edgy belt to keep it interesting.

I've made an attempt to style this skirt multiple ways back this summer but the result wasn't me , if you know what I mean.

But this post wouldn't be complete unless I listed my very first attempt to style this skirt 2 years ago...

What you can see is a) it's a halter neck dress b) I did all the photoshop tricks I knew on the photo!


  1. Such a cute pretty skirt! Great photos lovely and thank you for stopping by koukla!


  2. It makes a great skirt with all sorts of possibilities. I know what you mean about gathered skirts, though I've been in search of a gathered denim skirt. I think of all the combinations, I most like the middle photo at the top. And you've done a wonderful job with the jewelry.

  3. angie mou s'euxaristw polu gia ta gluka sou logia! :) eimai follower sou edw kai poli kairo kai parakolou8w to blogaki sou!
    sunexise thn kalh douleia! :)

  4. H φούστα ...εκπληκτική!

  5. I really like this paired with the plaid top. It's so unexpected. And I like seeing the look evolve in these photos.