Thursday, 10 December 2009

It's raining outside but inside is hot .I still have some trouble with my cold but I put some effort and took out one of my few printed pieces.
This is a colourful printed blouse I bought a year ago to wear it for my son's birthday party.
Since I wasn't sure how to wear it it stayed in my closet for a year gathering dust.
But as soon as I became more skilled in the consept of layering it came to life again. Today I wore it over a mid thigh black T-shirt together with my cropped pants(remember how they make me seem slimmer) tacked into my black riding boots.
To top it all of I wore my favourite purple scarf (also for practical reasons, to warm my in pain throat).
Here comes my thought of the day a bit extreme I may add.Do you sometimes attribute human qualities to your clothing like this one needs a rest or the other one feels sad for not being used or that some clothes take their time until you become mature enough to wear them?
Am I taking this to extremes?

Leather boots stockhouse
cropped pants Zara
mid thigh black t shirt Stradivarius
colourful blouse Berska
fake pearl like bracelet purple scarf from somewhere cheap

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