Saturday, 12 December 2009

This is my first day at work after being sick.My mood is to look fresh and feel happy.This is a cheerful outfit because after all I never thought I could put an outfit like this out of my clothes.
Since I decided to go with my gut feeling in all the things that matter to me a sense of being creative with clothes emerged.
And what better way to keep me motivated and inspired than a blog..
Anyway ,I got this dress for just 2 euro's from a chinanese shop just because I could see the potential of it.Here I wore it with a plum colour tank top underneath and a dark plum coloured cardigan over it.
As final touches I added my favourite elastic belt and my polka dots scarf.( unfortunately it doesn't show in the photos).

tank top Berska
summer dress chinese market
cardigan Zara ( I made shorter by folding it and kept it in place with my one and only belt extraordinaire).

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