Monday, 7 January 2013

I made these

Hi! everyone.These two beauties are the result of my hand work during the holidays period. Totaly useful and so easy to make. As many of you know I have the crochet bug and I advise all of you to start creating little things for yourself preferably short projects that you can see the results immidiately.
For those of you who wonder how I got the skills the answer is go to utube and you will find thousands of projects and tutorials.
A good source of inspiration is Pinterest . You just write crochet in the search tab and there you go.Watch out , though , as it can be addictive to pin all these beautiful projects.

I decided to share my doings and outfit with you as part of Pattie's Visible Monday post and you can do the same so as to make a vibrant community of real life ladies! I've noticed lots of you ladies want to shop less this year cause you already have more than enough. I'm telling you cause I've been there...the best way to inject new life to your wardrobe without spending the earth and without feeling quilty is to create something yourself.
Stop the excuses and start creating.

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  1. Start creating -- that's a great "resolution", Angie, and your creations are really lovely. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  2. Angie! I love this scarf! I used to crochet all the time, but have fallen off the past decade or so. I've been seriously thinking about taking it up again....and now you've inspired me more! I, too, am encouraged by the amount of bloggers wanting to stretch their wardrobe rather than making so many new keeps the creative juices flowing! Big hug to you my friend!! Serene

  3. First of all, thank you so much for your words of encouragement. It means so much to me :) Love your bag! Your creativity inspires me :) Have a great year Angie!


  4. Isn't it a blast making your own fashion? I do it too (knitting, not crocheting), and each new thing I make is a huge source of pride and satisfaction. You do realize that the next step on this slippery slope is to learn how to spin your own yarn, right? :)

    Both your scarf and your bag look great--thanks for sharing them!


  5. I can't believe you made these. I need to learn how to knit. And crochet. All I can crochet is one single line until I run out of yarn. And, I'm not sure I can even do that any more!

  6. i should create more for sure, i love crochet as well
    I used to do blankets and scarfs now i'm trying to knit
    I love what you did!

  7. What a great time to have such a talent! Very pretty!
    Have a wonderful 2013.

  8. Oooh how cute is that bag! I love the color and the slouch shape. The scarf is so pretty, too!
    Great job!

  9. I love that bag! I am excited about 2013 being a creative year too. Thanks for the positivity in this post. I do have to be careful about Pinterest...I can spend too much time pinning pics instead of pinning my sewing projects together, LOL.

    Sue xo

  10. You're an artist!! Well done darkling!
    BTW would you like to follow each other??

  11. Great scarf! I have learning to crochet on my big list of things I want to learn.

  12. Great work! Enjoy your DIY skills!