Monday, 2 May 2011

On Remixing

I was looking through my blog the other day and suddenly for the first time have I felt the need to make a collage to document how I have worn some of my favorite clothes in the last year and a half. I've done that in the hopes to see how my style has evolved ,as well.

The favorite piece I'm talking about is this MaxMara denim skirt which has exactly  the right knee lenghth (and we all know how difficult that is).
I've worn it with 4 different pairs(boots, broques ,heels)of shoes and in 4 different seasons, with or without tights and with belts,cardis ,shirts and tshirts.The more me look is the 3rd and the 6th.
The strange thing is that the more looks I can create with my skirt the more of sentimental value it aquires and this piece of fabric starts to have history and a certain bonding with me.
I'm sure that no other woman in the whole world has worn this skirt the way I have  and I'm sure i will come up with many more ways to wear it the years to come.
Which brings me to my last point that this skirt has won a place in my wardrobe and I will not be in the look out for a denim skirt for a long long time.

The thing is I so enjoyed the collage on my denim skirt that I decided to mix another one for my stripped tshirt
It's a zara basic and in need of replacement. So I will be forced to depart with it sometime soon. But I've learnt my lesson well. This time I will find a great quality one that will stay with me for years and be part of many outfits.

I seem to fit this stripped tshirt with with skirts more that trousers and I definitely plan to change that. I like the simplicity of the first outfit but also the way it's styled under the black dress. The most unexpected combination was that together with the pink skirt and patterned scarf.


  1. I love these collage shots. I agree that a good denim skirt is a must have basic and the red stripes look great. Any ideas where you'll find one like it to replace. Like you, I tend to gravitate towards neutral and I have to PUSH to work color into my wardrobe, which is why this year is full of discovery for me.

  2. I love what you do esp the fact that you have a method!

  3. Angie - you are very creative with your items. My denim skirts are among my favorite pieces too.

    I love the striped tee layered under the black dress. With the belt, scarf and tights . . . very chic!

  4. Angie, what a great denim skirt! It looks wonderful on you! You have such a versatile style....something I'm still working on! Hugs girly! ~Serene

  5. That denim skirt is perfect. Perfect shape and perfect length. Which, as a skirt-wearer I know is very difficult.

    I also love the striped top, especially because it's not your standard black or blue stripes.

    I think these are both great pieces and it makes sense they've won a spot in your closet.

  6. Patti-)Denim skirts are a great alternative to jeans when the weather gets too warm.It shows off my boots as well in winter time.
    Serene -)Your style is so versatile I wonder where this comes from!
    Gracey-)You're right about the red stripes,I've yet to see some of those!

  7. I love how you layer! Great looks. I especially like the pink sweater look in the first group, the skirt & pink scarf look in the second group, and (of course) the stripes under the dress. Very nice!

  8. i LOVE that denim skirt and how you wear it (it's been in my ' To Copy' file for months now)!!

    and i like the collages as well. they help you see the 'bones' of your style, and how it's evolving. well done!! & good luck with the new stripe shirt :) steph

  9. Love the MaxMara skirt, it's a great shape.