Thursday, 28 April 2011

40/40 forty feeling forty

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Having a lot of free time because of the easter school break led to  reading more blogs than usual.
I came upon an interesting discovery. There are a lot of blogs that are kept by young and sometimes really young bloggers (like 12 or 13) and there are blogs about women over 50 who  they actually form a very strong community. There are also blogs about fashionable mammas most of whom are in their thirties.
I'd love to prove me wrong but where are the women in their forties? I'm not saying there are no women at ages 40 to 50 that don't have blogs .What I'm trying to say is that women aged 40 don't make a point out of it.
My first explanation is that when we can pass for 30 why to admit we are in our forties hence the low profile.
Now don't get me wrong at this point. Some of my favorite blogs are written by 20 something year old girls that have an amazing insight in life and I feel so proud and inspired by women in their 50s.
But I also want to be in touch with women my age and get to know what they are doing, their anxieties,their hopes,their style get the point.
Like I said in the begining I'd love to be  proved wrong.


  1. You are absolutely right! I'm a 44 year old blogger and sometimes it feels like we're in that funky in between spot. I'm right there with you girly! ~Serene

  2. Hear hear! Sometimes I feel like I identify with bloggers in their 20s more because women closer to my age have children and probably don't have time to blog :)

    I am turning a decade older in May - still in complete denial about it :)


    take a peek here - there are a # of us out there, and Bella Q has made this great blogroll!!

    yeah, the forties is a particular stage of life. but as you say, angie, there are other aspects to life than age. hope you find some new great blogs!! steph

  4. Steph-)Thanks Steph! You wouldn't believe this Steph but since I wrote this post I've come across 10 bloggs of women in their 40s.I'll check your blogroll now.I'm so glad I asked.
    Serene-)check the blogroll Steph send me.It's so nice that we get to know each other.
    eek-)So maybe the 30s is the new 20s like the 40s are the new 30s...does that make sense?

  5. Yes, indeed. We are here! Welcome to the neighborhood.

  6. I'm so glad for this post, especially for your replies, because I would love to check out fashion bloggers in their 40's! Like you said, I feel like I can get a lot of inspiration from women in their 40's (you included :)

  7. Although I do not write a blog by myself, I would love to read more blogs of women of my/our age group!
    There are several reasons I do not write a blog myself. My English is to bad, it seams to be very time consuming and I do not want to be "discovered" from people of my work.
    Bea from Germany.
    41 years old - and really liking this age!
    (Your blog is great!)

  8. I'm in my mid-thirties, but I've often wondered the same thing about bloggers in their thirties. So many of the "major" bloggers are in their 20s, and there is that strong group of 50+ bloggers, but I don't feel like there are any or many in my age group. It may be that there are more than I know and I just don't know their ages, but I have often wondered why we don't band together.

    I actually sort of figured it was because 30s are not an interesting decade. I mean, I'm not young and gorgeous, but I'm also not fabulous and forty or fifty. Maybe 30 is just average.

  9. Anne-)I'm so glad I landed in 40s wonderland.I always knew it would be a milestone for me if I just felt friendly with my age.And I can use all the support and inspiration I can get. I hope I can bring back something at the neighbourhood
    S-)I didn't know that so many women felt this way and I hadn't fully realized my need to be in touch with women in their 40s until yesterday.That's why I love blogging...there is always a new direction to go.
    Mari-)Thanks for the kind words. you should try blogging though.Your english is not as bad as you may think and you can always hide your face like so many do in the photos.Blogging is a great experience.
    Gracey-)It's amazing how 50+ bloggers banded together ,probably they know a thing or two that we can can learn ,too and get inspired.
    Now ,There is not such thing as an average age group!All ages are unique and full of traps as well as wonderful things to enjoy!

  10. oooh interesting point. i love that there are so many diverse style bloggers now. i'm sure there are some out there! maybe you can take a little poll and get more links to 40soemething fashion blogs? i find your blog perfectly inspiring as a 20something blogger :)

  11. And I thought the over 50's were the lost group! Glad you found the list of 40ers. Age or not, still like YOUR blog! Paula

  12. Miss sophie-)The nice think about you 20 something bloggers is that you are so mature in your style choices and so self confident. I like that.
    Paula-)No, on the contrary over 50 bloggers are passionate and try to connect and support each other.Thanks for the visit.

  13. I've noticed this very thing! I know when I was in my forties I was beginning to worry about aging and I had my hands FULL trying to raise successful teenagers. Blogging would have been a very low priority.

  14. This is why I started the +40 blogroll! We seemed to be invisible, not in our 20's, not mommy bloggers, and a decade shy of Advanced Style status. I know I look young for my age, but I'm 45, love fashion and am not going anywhere. While I love bloggers of all ages, I needed a community I could relate to, and 40 plus is it. The list started out slowly. I would discover a blogger here and there, and ask for their blog-roll. Then when I posted a list of 20 bloggers who were over 40, it exploded. No one knew there were so many out there. Over 4000 hits laters, and a burgeoning community I am part to say there's a whole lot of 40-somethings doing their own thing and doing it well! -Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud

  15. Terri-)I'm trying to squizze blogging in my everyday life because I enjoy it so much but it can't be a prioority and probably it shouldn't.

    Citizen Rosebud-)I'm so glad I found out there is such a strong community and I'm going to explore it bit by bit.

  16. Hello and thanks for leaving a comment on my blog - pleased to meet you! My blog's theme is style begins at 40 and my name relates to exactly what you talk about here, people not wanting to discuss their age (which is why I always give a person's age on the blog!) There are tons of stylish, talented, intelligent, inspirational people out there over 40 and my aim is to highlight this. And there are quite a few bloggers too. Citizen Rosebud compiled an excellent list.

    Best wishes,


  17. I turned 40 this year. Here's my fashion blog:

  18. Thanks for bringing this issue on your post! My mom is over 50 and she's enjoying her life so much. I still often see her wearing make ups and dresses. However, I see some of her friends stop wearing those stuff and I don't know why they do.