Sunday, 3 April 2011

My essentials

When Miss Sophie did a post about the 10 classics in her wardrobe I was totally motivated to do the same. With no further a do this is my list.
1.The one and only slim pair of trousers

2.My knit sweater. It's organic cotton and I have it for years but it bacame an essential a few weeks ago.
3.My linen dress in a color that makes my heart jump with pleasure

4.My jewellery ,my watches and the nail polish I love

5. My cosmetics, Avon and Nivea ,basic affordable brands that give me happy moments every day

6. My leather bag that I can't go without. It's the most expencive item I own and I was given so many compliments about this bag. I absolutely love it!

7. The whole of winter I wore my riding boots but now the weather is better and I can go without socks so I choose between my ballet flats (leather and hand made by a local craftman but so much in need of replacement) and my zara loafers .


8.My stripped tshirt . Functional but in need of replacement,soon.When the right one comes along.

9.2 basic skirts.The black one I only wear with black tights and my riding boots. The denim one I have for 3 years and the color fades in a way that the skirt becomes even nicer.

10. My collection of shirts that I wear almost every day.I'm new to the shirt world but I have become a true fan. I have a denim one , a white one , a light blue one which belongs to my husband but it's mine now.

Well , that was about it. I plan to replace,refine or add to this collection whenever it's needed. I love my collection and I would be glad to see your essentials.


  1. This is a cool post. I don't know if I can come up with my 10 essentials off the bat... Hmm. Now you got me thinking. ;) Love that the skirt has faded in time and that has made it prettier!

  2. It's so interesting to see what different pronounce as their essentials. I love the idea of using the same nail polish grandmother always wears white nail polish. It looks horrible on me, but it just suits her! I'm a huge fan of Nivea!! It makes your skin so soft. Thanks for sharing your essentials with us! Makes me think about what I'd pick out for mine. ~Serene

  3. I love your leather bag and striped shirt. Good luck finding a good replacement for it!

  4. These posts are so interesting, I love to see what people consider their essentials. I love the Zara loafers, I tried them on when I found them on sale but I thought they were so uncomfortable and they just didn't fit my feet at all, I was so disappointed.
    There striped t-shirt is really cute, it is nice to see red stripes instead f blue for once:)

  5. This is interesting to me. A year ago I would have said that my black trousers and my jeans were the most essential part of my wardrobe, but that is changing and it will be curious to me what I narrow all my experimenting down to by next year. I was surprised at how little jewelry you included.

  6. hurricanetcerrie):why don't you give it a try?See what you will choose?

    from suns to moons): Thanks ,sometimes it takes time to find a good tshirt sometimes it just comes along!

    elegant bohemian): I'd love to see yours

    Meri):One good thing about zara is we know what we are talking about internationally!!

    I'm also curious to see what you come up with after your experiment!

  7. Nice picks! I have loved reading these blogs, it is such a good idea of Sophie's. Everyone's is just a little bit different. Those tan boots, by the way, are stunning.

  8. This definitely makes me think. I don't know which ten items I would select as my "classics." I may need to go home and see. I know two would be my purse and my riding boots, but I have no idea what else I'd choose.

  9. I think these are all great classics! This is fun. I think I might try this too :)

  10. Elaine:)Please do,I would be intrested to know cause you have really cool stuff!
    Gracey ):It will be the clothes you fall back to rain or shine!

  11. thanks for sharing, i always enjoy looking into people's closets. I love the way denim fades too; like good leather denim ages beautifully.

  12. Amazing items and gorgeous blog!
    Following! Follow back? <3

  13. This is a really good idea, working out your essentials. Love your leather bag and linen dress

  14. All classic, well made pieces!

  15. ack, i just saw that you did your 10 classics post! this is so great - i love all your pieces, especially your slim jeans and jewelry. i see we have a mutual love of pearls and red nail polish! :D