Monday, 25 April 2011

Style can go a long way

After browsing for quite a long time on the internet I finally stambled upon a collection that sets the exact stylistic tone/vibe I want for my clothes.
I'm talking about Margaret Howell 's collection. I was so impressed that I made a small recearch .I found out that she started making clothes in the bedroom of her house back in the 70s.
She is known since then for her concistency in making high quality basic clothes for both men and women.
I so much love the simplicity of her lines , the fabrics she uses but unfortunately I can't afford any of her clothes at this moment . Hopefully. I will be able to save but for the moment I 'm inspired by her clothes and by new and older collections.
In this spirit I chose to wear my humble marks and spencer twin set ( which by the way is of great quality), my Levi's trousers and my favorite shirt at the moment (sleeves rolled up and buttoned all the way up) plus my broques.

via telegraph
Check out her amazing personal style and mind you she is 63 years old. She has 2 children and loves post modern architecture. Many of her campaigns are shot in black and white by famous photographers such as  Bruce Weber, Koto Bo
lofo, and Venetia Scott.

 On a different note, I celebrated Easter together with my family trying to keep some traditions but also inserting new ones.

And finally that's what I wore on Sunday while relaxing in the sun with my family


  1. very nice MH inspired outfit! I can definitely see the influence there. I think MH is great. I don't have access to her line here, but it looks like she makes such beautiful and well made basics.

  2. I love some of those items in the M. Howell collection. They really do suit the tone you have been writing about, and they look extremely well made. I would love to own the long pleated skirt in linen! Thanks for sharing.

  3. It's funny to see how our style evolves with our blog. When I look back over some of the winter months of my blog, I cringe. I was trying too hard. Trying also to fit in and be uber creative.

    I see how your style is evolving. It's not nearly as dressy as it was when I first "met" you. But isn't that what personal style is all about? It's personal! and distinct to you! Hugs! ~Serene

  4. Oh, your Sunday outfit looks so comfy! The price of gasoline here is going to seriously affect my thrifting I hear you on the need to "save up" for those items we really want.

  5. S-)It's the first time I can really pin down my style and her collection just spoke to my heart.
    Patti-)This skirt rocks so classic and yet very trendy. I checked your blog and it has real potential.I want to hear more from you.
    Serene-)I checked my blog yesterday all the way back to the first post and I could see how much my style has evolved.Imagine if we could do that 10 years from now what a special source of info,memories and ideas our blogs can be.
    Terri-)It's back to save up time,you're so right.

  6. I too have recently discovered Howell - it turns out we are secretly the same person. I want to wear everything she makes and she looks exacty like me if I was 63. Absolutely love her.

  7. Kate-)Exactly what I thought!How do I want to look like her when 63!I like your humour.

  8. hello! and thanks for stopping by my blog :) i have been hearing about MH for a while now, your post has inspired me to look more into her collection. i think ageless style like MH and Jane Birkin and other brilliant and beautiful women are so great...goes against all the vicious mainstream ideas about 'how women should look'.

  9. miss Sophie-)Thanks for stepping by.
    All this vicious mainstream does not only dictate how you should look but it's also changing with tremendous spead.And all kinds of styles are thrown on your face only to confuse you to make bad choices so that you go shopping again and again.O.K I stop here.

  10. I really love your Margaret Howell inspired outfit. I love her style, too! Thanks for visiting and subscribing to my blog!! xoxo, Monika