Thursday, 31 March 2011

A wardrobe I can depend on

via (worn in perfection)

When I first started my blog I was so crazy for versatility.The equivalent of style to me was to be able to dress with a different outfit everyday.
And so I did.For one and a half year I would wear so many different combinations of my clothes that I lost myself in the process.
To fuel my passion I had to buy stuff often.That is cheap stuff that I would wear once or twice and then stuff it in the back of my closet.
When I had my first serious purge and was left with a few basic and loved pieces versatility was not what I was looking for.Quite the opposite.This time I went for consistency.
For more than a month now I wear my perls every day and I rely on my wrist watch ( resembles a lot the Tank watch by Cartier). And I pay my nails red.
I wear my favorite pale blue shirt (was bought for my husband but he never had the chance to wear it) twice a week with either my black skirt or my skinny dark blue trousers. On heavy rotation are a couple of sweaters  , my chambray shirt and my red stripes tshirt.
I hold my tan leather bag and wear either my ballerinas or broques.
Therewill be things to add but for the moment I feel complete and satisfied. That's how I know I found my true style.


  1. I'm so glad that this blog has lead you to discover your true style!

  2. I love the idea of you wearing pearls every day, sporting red nails, and carrying your favorite bag. Simplicity and repeated looks are just as stylish as wearing a new outfit everyday.

  3. I love the ideas you have shared here.I got an idea about how we can look stylish even in repeated looks.

  4. could not agree with you more! i'm still in the middle of my clothes purge and it is so stressful but super satisfying. consistency is the key :)

  5. Kelly):It's amazing what a blog can do.I love so much to document all these changes.I hope it would make an interesting read to my grandchildren!

  6. La fille mal gardee):It's so nice to meet like minded people.It took me a couple of attempts since last year to purge most of what I owned.But it left me with almost a white canvas.

  7. "There will be things to add but for the moment I feel complete and satisfied. That's how I know I found my true style." yes! it's funny, so much of 'blog-dom' is focused on new new new and what to buy. and for a lot of people that's what is important to them about fashion.

    but i think, like you say, that consistency is a vital part to true style. Sal at Already Pretty did a great interview with Nubby Twiglet - NT said that one reason she has a small, defined wardrobe is just for that reason - that she finds style icons are known as icons BECAUSE of their consistency.

    and Angie of You Look Fab has also talked about how she loves to wear an outfit she likes on multiple occasions. if you look great and feel comfortable, you look great and feel comfortable!

    i've yet to achieve 'wardrobe perfection', but there are areas/items where i've got things settled and i'm satisfied. thank you angie for writing about your style journey, your thoughts and emotions - it's very instructive. and i think your grandchildren will love reading this! steph

  8. Pearls, huh? That would make just about any combination look lovely. Do you know as I try out different colors, I am honing my wardrobe at the same time? Once a month I fill a box with items I am ready to discard. I hope to have a nice, neat basic wardrobe by the time my challenge to myself ends. I will post my obi tomorrow.

  9. Angie, I aboslutely agree with everything you say in this post, and it's so refreshing to see other kindred spirits thinking the same in the world of blogging.
    You manage to put your style into words, which I admire highly. I want to do the same posts as yours, but I think they will only end up being a emulation of your already wonderful words.

    And it's good to hear that I'm not the only one relying on the accessories I always wear. I never wear anything else apart from my gold necklace with anchor pendant, masculine wrist watch + rouge noir nail polish. I would feel like a complete different person without these details.

  10. tinyjunco):I don't know if you remembered how uneasy I felt a few months ago about blogging and the over spendind and the new new fashion.I'm so glad that a new direction came by so I could evolve.

    terry):I greatly admire your determination and the way you colorwork through your wardrobe.I can also see how more stylish you become month by month.

    fleurette):That's one of the things I love about blogging. Sooner or later you know you're not alone out there and you can share with other like minded bloggers or discover things through them.That's how your blog helped me.

  11. Angie, it's so funny how blogging can help us find out style. You go into it thinking that you have a certain style and then you play around with different things and discover what moves you. It sounds like you are surrounding yourself with pieces you love and that make you happy. What I love about it is that you're developing your "signature style". One that's completely Angie!! Much love to you!!! ~Serene

  12. Serene,thanks so much for all your warm comments and for the time you take for means so much to me.