Sunday, 6 March 2011

Whould I bring that home?

Linen summer dress, woolen chocolate brown sweater and classic leather strap watch,pearls
That's the question I was asking myself again and again a few days ago while visiting some stores in the center of my city.
The question I'm asking myself now while typing is what the hell was I doing visiting stores in the first place...but I'll bother with this question in a following post!
Whould I bring this home and put it in my closet to wear and cherish and love for as long as I shall live?

That's the question that freed me of the constant craving .I will not be bringing just stuff at home anymore but only aquire what will speak in my heart and I'm sure I'll keep and love for a long long time. Things that I will be happy to wear again and again and still feel good about them and in them.

I've done a major clean out in my closet lately and I only kept clothes that are of excellent quality and of fine materials like linen,organic cotton  silk and leather.
 I've done a mega edit and kept very few items that were lost in the sea of cheap quality clothes and mismatched stuff I accumulated over the last 2 years.
Don't get me wrong I don't have hard feelings over the stuff I threw away because they paved the way for my mega editing and the peace of mind I have now.They were the stepping stone for the creation of my life long wardrobe in which I plan to collect each new piece as if it were a piece of art.
I'm saving money cause I don't buy constantly small unworthy stuff but hopefully a great one per season or even twice a year.


  1. I keep wondering if this is the direction Rags might take after I complete my year of experimenting with color. I like the look of this ensemble, but as I study it I realize that I have zero linen in my closet. No, I have one linen-blend blazer. I'm impatient with linen...and the wrinkles it gets, though I like the look of it.

  2. I do the same as you... I look for finer fabrics and only buy something if I can envisage myself wearing it in 5 years. It's a good way to manage a wardrobe :) you end up with better quality pieces!

  3. I love your newfound philosophy to dressing and shopping - it is so much more interesting to see how and why you put together clothes that you have had for years. :)

  4. Oso pio palio einai ena rouxo mou, toso pio poly dyskoleyomai na to petaksw. Twra pou to aneferes, kai h dikh mou ntoulapa thelei ena kseskartarisma logw anoikshs!

  5. congratulations on your recent purge! The actual purging aspect is still something that I need to do, but I also am definitely trying to be a more deliberate shopper. sometimes it takes a while for me to figure things out, and I still make "mistake" purchases, but I suppose it can be trial and error until we really know ourselves.