Friday, 11 March 2011

Hungry for shopping

I'm writing this post to celebrate my new found peace of mind concerning my shopping habits. The last few weeks I live in a state of nirvana , loving the clothes I have and not feeling a single craving to buy anything!
Instead I refine further my already edited wardrobe and from what I have I only use the clothes that are made from fine materials like silk (a fine silk top that got lost in the see of clothes before) leather (a great leopard print leather jacket) linen ,wool and fine cotton.

Instead of shopping I do alterations to fit the clothes I love to wear to my exact measurements. The sweater above is made of fine quality wool and the color combinations are so dear to me but it was abandoned before because I had never thought of fitting it to my body. But yesterday I took my measurements and by trial and error I styled it to my body shape and lenght.It's so soft that I can even squeeze it in my pants.
Another thing that kept me creatively busy last week was to trim my favorite pair of pants. It's the pair that fits me the best  but it was too long and not flattering. I did patiently  a lot of tials in front of the mirror because I will wear those pants all the time and I wanted the result to be perfect!
Take notice that i'm not talking about my body shape but how to make the body I have now look its best and harmonious to the eye! I think that's where true personal style journey begins to show.
Then I only kept my leather shoes because trully that's the kind of shoes I 've enjoyed wearing and lasted enough to be chosen for my minimal wardrobe!My trusted ballerinas were taken out and polished with love and the little bows straightened with care.
Another thing that keeps me busy these days is the quest for the perfect (for my body )cigarette pants draft. I do my recearch on line and because I had some pattern making classes in the past I will try and make a pair of pants from scratch for me. And when I get the perfect fit I will then buy fine quality fabric to tailor my own pants.
Do you see any reason why I should be hungry for shopping and fast track fashion ,anymore?


  1. Wow--I'd love to see that leopard-print leather jacket!

    Taking some time to make alterations is such a great thing for extending the wardrobe. I'm looking forward to some "time off" in April to pull out my sewing machine for such things!


  2. Fitting your clothes is like gaining a whole new wardrobe, isn't it? I find that when I take the time to tailor items I love I am more inclined to wear them more often.

  3. It sounds to me like you are spending the time you might have previously spent shopping...taking great care of your clothing and giving attention to detail.

  4. What a great post! It's no wonder that you're not hungry for shopping at all when there are other amazing things you can do to renew your wardrobe and clothes. It's very inspiring to read, I too should take some time to alter my clothes so they can fit perfectly.

    it's also so good to see this growing 'trend' to buy less. :)

  5. Thanks for leaving your comments!
    Aesthetic alterations.I've already taken the photos. they will be posted soon.
    Kelly Why do we buy if we can make them ourselves!
    Terri Bingo! That's what I do! I was mostly window shopping in the breaks and often bring something of low quality and cheap home!
    Fleurette I just love it because now I know i'm closer to my true style and I'm more conciderate of the environment.We live in crezy times!