Monday, 14 March 2011

I finally got it

 Every time I'm ready for a big shift of  perception in my life there is a period of great unrest and a great sense of dissatisfaction before the change happens.This  has occured quite a few times in my life and I'm more able now to recognise the signs.
This time it was in the form of my consuming habits and my relationship with the things (in this cace clothes,shoes,accessories) that I have.
I had become obssessed with buying things not in a big scale way but in a way that bothered me. I calculated the amount of money I spent on items I didn't really like in 2010 and it was a mere 300 euros. I don't consider this a huge amount. What bothered me was why I wanted to buy something new all the time. I like fashion and express myself through the way I dress but that constant craving was something I didn't have before in my life.
Blogging was surely a reason that accelerated the process but I like blogging so much and I didn't want to stop it. So big unrest and disatisfaction prevailed in my life for the last few months.
A big change was about to come in the way I shop and relate to my clothes and I was more than ready for it.
And then a few weeks ago I found the blog of dead fleurette by chance followed by other blogs of the same philosophy about aquiring clothes.
She put in words the exact feelings I had and the dissatisfaction I felt. It was a huge relief to know that others have dealt with these feelings and also to be presented with a new direction to go.
I was so ready for this that I edited my wardrobe in a weekend and kept a small amount of what I had accumulated previously.
When I examined what had stayed in my closet I discovered
a) that all pieces were on the pricey side
b)made of good materials
c) have been with me for many wears but were lost in the sea of cheap , fast fashion clothes.
d) were at least decently tailored
e)I enjoyed wearing them

The two jackets pictured above tick all the boxes . They are actually so well made that never fit with my cheaply made clothes of  before.
They don't really show their true value because I lack well made basics but they are the best I have for now .
As I know what I really want to build me a long lasting wardrobe I don't feel impatient anymore nor do I want to aquire every little thing that comes along.I'm not saying that I actually bought every little thing before but I had the craving. And I figured the craving was because my clothes were not special  or loved or desired over a long period of time   and nicely tailored so I kept asking  for more to satisfy my thirst of quality.
 Which brings me to the next point that big retailers and corporations do deliberately encourage this constant craving by providing numerous items for us to buy and changing their collections a few times a year. We consumers are bombarded with so many options to buy, it begins to be absurd.
It's the first time in the history of humanity that we consume so much  and with so much ignorance of the concequences (environmental,economical,ethical).
This has to change and I'm more than glad to see a counter reaction in the form of minimalism or slow fashion movement or call it as you want cause I don't really like putting labels.
And call me crazy but tomorrow is the first day for over two years that I'm going to wear the same outfit for 2 days in a row! I don't believe I'm actually doing this!!!


  1. Marvelous! I love your rediscovered jackets, particularly the first one.

    And three cheers for wearing something two days in a row. Shhhh--I do that a LOT. I love some of my clothes more than others, so why not! (And, why not stop buying, right? Right!)

  2. Applause! Good for you for wearing the same outfit two days in a row. I've found the same thing...a sort of creeping consumerism, not so much with the clothing items, as with the accessories, which I've never been good at buying. I'm really admiring both jackets, but especially the white one.

  3. Your two jackets fit you beautifully, and I especially love the ivory one. That's so great that you no longer crave a lot ... this is something that I still struggle with. I mean, I'm doing better, and this season, I've only kept things that worked really well for me, but let's just say I returned a lot of things that maybe I shouldn't have bought in the first place.

  4. I really enjoyed your thoughts on this as well as that white blazer.

  5. Great observations. Since being away from home, I haven't been able to go shopping for clothes and I've been working with a limited wardrobe and have found that it is ok. I'm hoping I can keep with this philosophy when I return home!

  6. I think it's easy with so much commercialism to get sucked into the mindset that we have to buy the newest trends. It really is awful and it subjects us to a constant feeling of not being good enough or having enough.

    Buying good quality basics that fit well and are remix-able is really the best way to go. You're well on your way and I need to do the same!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  7. What a well written post! Well said and I am so glad you rediscovered those jackets - they fit all your criteria so well!

  8. I try to keep this in mind as well, and to think of it when I find something I think I love.

  9. Adorable outfits. I love the red striped shirt in your second look. Glad to have discovered this lovely blog of yours :)

    Hugs from your newest fan in Paris xx

    Camille @ Paris in Pink