Friday, 18 March 2011

What is true style anyway

I've calm down a lot this last week and I think I found the right balance for my posts. I can't keep them frequent because of a tres busy life and because a bit of silence between posts helps me focus to what I really want to post about.
The truth is that what is happening in Japan right now has taken the desire to blog away and the neuclear terror has made the future seem so much gloomier.
I had however the opportunity to fully understand the famous statement that true style  lies beyond fashion and it is the expression of one's personality.
That's how I understand it .First of all it has to do with a sense of continuity ...something I  wear or use again and again so that it becomes a characteristic of mine. Like for instance the perfume or the nail paint  ,a piece of jewelery or the type of shoes I wear.
I realised that for one and a half year now I was experimenting hoping to find my true style, to rule out the things I don't like and refine the things I like and ultimately change my consuming habits.
What I can't stess enough is how quality is always more important than quantity and a sure fire way to true style.
Quantity always leaves you hungry for more but quality satisfies you and you have no reason to look for yet something else when you really love what you have!
Of course there are gaps to be filled  and money to be saved but there is no rush ...we talk about a life lasting wardrobe that will take years to be filled with the right pieces.
In my opinion that's the road to true style but I trully want to know what you think and what your approach is.


  1. I love this line: "Quantity always leaves you hungry for more but quality satisfies you"! Perfection!

    My approach right now is to listen to what makes me happy constantly. Which brands, which cuts, which colors. Also, acknowledging that it's okay to wear the same top/jeans/scarf over and over and over again because I love it--well, that keeps the shopping impulse away.

  2. wow,looks amazing!great read!
    love ur blog by the way!

  3. Aesthetic alterations )I see you are in an experimentation mode.Usually something great comes out of it!

  4. Glamorous girl thanks of your kind words.

  5. Very well said, Angie. I've found that blogging has certainly made me experimental with my personal style. But what is so great is that it's helped and is helping me to refine what I love. I found that I really tended to play it safe and tried to look professional or "well dressed". And yet my favorite part of fashion is the creative process. And style is absolutely NOT about spending. It's about expressing yourself and I love how you mentioned it's a "signature"! FABULOUS POST! ~Serene

  6. Angie--did you find while you were experimenting that anything changed about your basic style. I tend toward neutrals and I have been trying to push myself beyond grey. At least I am buying things beside grey these days.

  7. What great thoughts. I couldn't agree more. So often I feel like
    I really need that certain piece of clothing and then I will be happy...when I finally get it the satisfaction is only brief before I'm lusting after the next. There are so many pieces in my closet that I "love", but really what good are they to me?

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  8. Serene ):You know what you are talking about because your signature style is...elegant bohemian!

    Terry ):I discovered that I like blues and brown and blacks that is basic colors ,classic fits and to my surprise well tailored men's basics started apeal to me.I quess I have to explore this further

    Natasha ):You are so brave posing in the snow for so long now!
    This whole change started for me when I had a massive edit in my closet.I already had in there 10 pieces I really loved and when I had those and only those hung in my closet a style dear to me started to emerge.I haven't bought anything new but I made a few alterations and I'm trying to make my own pair of cigarette pants ,draft and all with not much success.

  9. I love what you said about quantity making you want more - it's so true!