Thursday, 24 March 2011

Bonjour tristesse Part 1

After I had my oh ! so strict , ruthless edit of all my clothes , I burst out crying. The major question in my head was "what was I thinking ? "
After a while an unexplicable sense of sadness came around and I had to sit still for quite sometime. I wanted to stay with my feelings of sadness and not fight them away.
Instead , I would use them to steer me clear of mistakes in the future.
And for the first time , sitting there in my quiet room , among the piles of clothes I begun to see the picture clearly.
The clothes I had were cheap. Cheap in fabric , cheap in design ,   cheap in fit. Those were clothes for someone younger , insecure and ignorant. Those were clothes for someone very much influenced by fast fashion and big retail chains .Those were clothes of a mismached style that wasn´t me anymore.
And then , this huge sadness was lifted because these clothes beside me had served their purpose which was to quide me through to the next level of my style journey . And I felt so happy and blessed that I had the luxury and the free time to indulge in these thoughts , in the first place!
I now have 13 pieces left in my closet,one trench coat,two scarves,a watch and a pair of pearl earrings and 3 pairs of shoes and 4 bags to keep me company as I embark to the next part of my journey.
By the way , all 25 items are the best quality items I had . I picked them because they made me feel good and only later did I realise they were of good quality , too.


  1. Bravo for you!! I've purged so many times and I've gotten ruthless at it. But it takes a bunch of experimentation to find your style. Good for you for taking the plunge. HUGS!! ~Serene

  2. Angie--that is some SERIOUS purging! Gulp. I know how it would make me feel at first. You are becoming ruthless!

  3. wow!! I know your feeling and I'm glad to read that your acknowledgement. This is a good lesson and the next time you're tempted to buy something out of depression or boredom, etc.. think of this incident!

  4. Elegant bohemian:}It's a freeing experiance,too.
    Fleurette:]I've been tempted already and I walked away when I asked myself"Will I love this for years to come?"The answear was a big no.
    Terry:}I was so ready that I even enjoyed the process. The difficult parts included.

  5. That level of purging is extraordinary. But it will make an excellent foundation for the pieces of the future. I'm pretty much done with purging, but when I bring a new item home, I generally find that it replaces something less lovely in a drawer. In this way, the perfect wardrobe happens a bit at a time.

  6. Yowie Zimbowie Chica!!! completely amazing! i've been really enjoying reading your posts, you capture the mind and the emotions as well as the practical aspects of this whole journey. you're on your way to winning 'The Goldilocks Prize' - your wardrobe will be 'just right' ;)

    speaking of ruthless, i just cut off my hair (yes, myself) is freeing, but also the fun is in the change to something that suits you better at the time you're in. and thank you for the link to dead fleurette! i've been enjoying nosing through the archives....happy monday! stpeh

  7. Cutting hair seems one of the most difficult things to me!Enjoy your new haircut!

  8. Wow Angie, I really admire your determination! I would love to do something like that but I don't feel brave enough or organized enough! But maybe some spring cleaning is in order...

  9. It's remarkable how you've managed to clear out so much - I'm still hanging on to items that I've stopped wearing because I wore them for so long and I keep thinking I will start again soon. But I could learn from you more!

  10. I would love to wear something like this, definitely! I don't have but one pair of jeans and I don't have any curves so I don't think I would look as good as you, but if I could I would definitely try to dress like this. I love men-inspired outfits. =)

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