Monday, 28 February 2011

Finally my style is evolving

A week ago after I experienced a dead end for quite sometime with both my style and my blogging I came across an article about how women in Paris dress where I read about how they go for quality over quantity. I had read about this stuff before but now it hit home.
Upon making a recearch in the internt I found out there are many bloggers out there who don't go for consumerism or wearing different clothes for ever and I came across a sort of philisophy about how to build a perfect wardrobe with high quality items that I'll love and enjoy to wear for years to come. How to wait and search for the perfect fit and the perfect fabric and fit and how to save my money for that special item that's really perfect for me.
I read about waiting   and slow down about aquiring stuff and concider building a wardrobe as collecting art even!
I did a mega editing of my wardrobe and estimated all my wrong impulse buys to some hundreds of euros!
No hard feelings... my style is finally evolving and that's what makes me happy and calm.
 What I'm wearimg today are loved and well worn for many years items such as my 100% woolen sweater that stays with me since 2000 and has kept me warm through many winters. It feels soft and has a rich brown color.

As for the skirt it's made by me a few months ago out of vintage fabric my aunt gave me. It feels unique and I plan to make a few basic pieces myself. At the moment I try to figure out the perfect patterns for my body and then I will search for the right fabric. It will take sometime but the clothes will stay with me for a long time.
I'd love to hear what you think about all these.It's quite a change but I was ready for it so everything went smoothly.


  1. I tend to be that person who has a gift card for $30 and needs to find as many items as possible to buy rather than just one nice jacket or something. It's awful. I need to focus on better quality pieces and less of the "as much as I can get" pieces.

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  2. I couldn't agree more! I feel like that's what I'm doing now....acquiring my treasures and finding out what I really love. I spent so many years getting great hand me downs that were my aunt's or my mom's and so I made do with their style. I'm now discovering my own. Wonderful, isn't it?! ~serene

  3. That skirt is magnificent! I was sure it was a vintage designer piece--and to find out you made it!

    In theory and in practice, I'm a fan of getting rid of what doesn't make you sing (because of fit, color, quality, style) and carefully choosing the right pieces, one by one. I advocate being okay with spending as much as your budget allows--because that attitude keeps ME from making purchases simply based on price. It keeps me focused on what I truly want. Of course I love sales--and wait for them--I don't want to give the impression I'm a spendthrift! Although the more I think about it these past months, the more I think it's time to pull out my sewing machine again! Sewing one's clothes is very good for the soul--and for style.

  4. Angie--this is a classic look and so comfortable too. I'm thinking that if I get through this year of experimenting with color, that then I will begin to pare down to pieces I truly love...just as you are doing now.

  5. good for you. i LOVE self-discoveries like that. i did an extensive closet purge a month or two ago as well and felt extremely liberated. i love the ensemble you've put together for today (nice job on that skirt! great print and color) and am excited for you as you keep fine-tuning. i like that comparison to an art collection.
    -brittney (daily outfit blog)

  6. Hi reflecting this topic was very pleasurable , reviews in this way emotive who analyze this forum!!!

  7. What a beautiful and classic outfit! I have been doing the same thing since the last 30 for 30 challenge. The only thing I purchased was a new pair of jeans and that was only because my old ones became too loose!

  8. Very exciting Angie! a while back (years?) i decided i didn't want to own any clothes i didn't LOVE. so, while it's obvious i don't have tons of clothes, i'm completely happy wearing what i DO have.

    i think there's something soul-deadening if you truly love clothes, style, fashion - yet your individual articles of clothing are so-so, or a mishmash of items bought on the cheap. hold out for what you really love!

    when i decided to do that myself is when i started making a lot of muslins and designing more of my own clothes. i just use my muslins as patterns - here's a couple of good links on muslins:

    it does seem that a lot of blogs are all about 'new new new'. i like
    for useful advice on creating a small, quality, flexible wardrobe. good luck Angie, and have fun! steph

  9. Aww, this is beautiful!!
    I love it!! ♥

    ..OH MY VOGUE!

  10. i enjoyed this post, we have similar ideas about building a great wardrobe.. I am jealous that you are able to make your own clothes!