Saturday, 19 February 2011

Ramblings of a style seeker

A faux pas in the fashion world that actually looks  super  good to me is pairing denim and denim together. After I've seen this combo around I decided to see it for myself.  It certainly brings a 70's aura which is very hot for spring and summer.
So Angie vs consuming  1-0.

See how happy that makes me feel?
I've noticed longer lenths in skirts and pointy kitten heel shoes to make their appearence in the shops.  Also lots of knits and wooden sole shoes.
What have you noticed that are the new major trends in the spring and summer and maybe follow well into next autumn and winter?

On a different note here is an outfit I wore in the middle of the week but didn't have the chance to post. True to my belief  that wearing my clothes year round I double the size of my creative options ,I put my yellow sweater  under the spell of my navy top and kept the rest black.

The only thing about this outfit is that I've never worn such a tight skirt in years and I felt very body concsious the whole day!  On the other hand this elastic skirt felt so... comfortable . I hope you don't get the idea these are the only things that preoccupy my mind all day long!!!
What strikes me is how different the two outfits are. One is serious and the other one is playful. One is classy the other one is ...not classy.
What I'm trying to say is that I have many ways I get dressed, many styles but I'm still experimenting and I haven't pinned down my personal style yet. But that's o.k because it's the journey that counts,right?
How do you feel about this? Have you already found your true style? If not what do you think helps?


  1. I agree with you on that it's the journey to style that counts, hence the name of my blog :)

    My style also fluctuates but I've noticed I generally stick with basics but add several trendy accessories or shoes.

    Happy Weekend,


  2. the denim with denim look is great! way to rock the faux pas!

  3. I love the second outfit! I'm still on the fence about head-to-toe denim, but you look cute.

  4. I am loving the pop of yellow in your second picture!

  5. You know, I'm not sure I know my style...although my time is running out. Maybe we don't need to confine ourselves to any one thing.

    I really like the Breton stripes. And you are rockin' both the skirt and the jeans!

  6. i love your red scarf :) visit my blog and follow me :)

  7. I don't mind denim paired with denim when it's not the same colour! I'm looking up some denim shirt dresses myself at the shops.
    I like the second look more! Very pretty! I love the ring too!

  8. I love denim on denim. I also really like your red striped top. Super cute outfits!

  9. I think the skirt looks wonderful on you, and the yellow top was a smart choice! It looks cool!