Monday, 7 February 2011

Closet meditation

What I like about putting outfits together is this pang of inspiration that opens my eyes and suddenly certain clothes are put together in ways I've never thought before!
It might sound funny but this taught me that there are always things  I can do in any situation( besides outfits) ... that I've never thought before!
So every morning when I get dressed I try to meditate on  other important issues in my life in ways... I've never thought before!
I simply allow this to happen because I know it leads to some great results!

For today, I keep on wearing summer tshirts over sweaters so that I can have a slice of summer with me now that the weather is bad.
And just because devil is in the details have a glimpse of my  trusted  animal print ring that transforms any outfit


  1. You look awesome! I love the necklace like that and the brown belt to break up the black.

  2. Angie--your summer tees are fancier than mine! the pink necklace looks lovely against the gray and what a wonderful ring.

  3. I love how you're finding way to wear your summer t-shirts. Great color and detail!

  4. I love what you said about your new approaches to your wardrobe inspiring you to contemplate new approaches to other things in your life. I totally agree with the idea of simply meditating on life with this thought in mind. Thanks for reminding me of this concept as well :)

    LOVE the ring and the layering of tops. You look great.

    xoxo, Amanda

  5. oh my, I like the tshirt so much! Could I make it myself? Well I don't think so, but it looks so pretty :))

  6. i love the tweed belted blazer! and that ring...i want it!