Friday, 25 February 2011

Change of course

I've been feeling quite uneasy for more than a month now about some strong issues like consumerism and the destruction of the environment as well as the course my shopping habits had taken.
I was turning into the woman I was warned about so many times. I found again and again this year myself shopping poor quality clothes on discount price .Then,the moment I would bring those home  I would lose interest .Or wear them a couple of times but still everything looked like...wrong!

I would follow certain blogs most by girls in their 20s and that felt disconnecting.(I have great respect for some of them but just didn't feel the right inspiration for my age,turning 43 any time soon).
My closet was filling up quickly. A great majority of the stuff was given to me by my parents or relatives and althought I felt emotionally attached to them...they didn't look right on me.
I tried to mend things by doing 30 for 30 remix to narrow my choices but my closet gave me a big amount of dissappointment when I opened it.
To be continued...


  1. I'm going through a similar problem at the moment too, where I have to remind myself that just because something is on sale, doesn't mean I have buy it! And it's extra hard not to do so, as I work right next to Zara and H&M! But I've been doing much much better this past month...

    A Journey to Style

  2. I'm in my twenties and sometimes I can't relate to most other girls in their twenties... It's like this easily peeved, judgmental Negative Nancy comes out and takes over and I have to remind myself that I'm no better at dealing with consumerism. Just a bit of a snob, you know?

  3. I know what you mean by trying to find inspiration from bloggers in their 20s. It can be difficult. I am in my mid-30s and have had to really work to find blogs that worked for me and my lifestyle.

    I'm also notorious for buying items on sale and wearing them once. One of my New Year's resolutions was to only buy items that I LOVED. I'm doing okay with that so far, but we'll see if it lasts...


  4. its definitely hard finding inspiration from tweny year olds, and its amazing that you have made this very stylish blog, the belt is gorgeous

  5. I agree that more mature women have a different agenda when it comes to shopping. We usually know to select better quality and classic items to remix many ways. That said, I did break down and buy more hangers today. :)

  6. Like others, I agree completely! And I tried the 30x30, too, but it seems... maybe oddly tied to the consumerist urge for the new as well. An antidote to it of a sort, but it feels somewhat wrong to me. I'm comfortable having fewer clothes--and then wearing them repeatedly. I also agree about the descent into fast fashion--which I think looking at too many blogs encourages. Spending carefully is more rewarding.

    I'm glad you found my blog--so that I could find yours! I love what you have to say!

  7. Love it, great outfit :)