Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Learning to love

Actually, the last 10 days the last thing on my mind is how to get dressed each morning but rather how to master my photocamera .
It's more than slightly annoying to hit the button and get blurry photos again and again and again!
That's the only  clear one  I managed for today and I proudly present .
What I feel is worth telling is that the cream sweater is hand knitted by mommy more than 20 years ago. I had it in my closet again since summer not knowing how to style it! Mind you I hated this sweater back then but I feel like the time has come to appreciate it.
Do you have the same feeling about some of your clothes? Like you have to mature in style to start to love them and use them?
Now I know that you want to see detail !!!


  1. Totally. I get rid of the stupid, cheap stuff but there are a lot of special pieces that I keep. I may not wear them for years, but when I rediscover them it's like magic.

    Love this sweater on you. It's even better knowing your mother made it.

  2. That sweater is beautiful on you. I love the blazer layered on top and the pop of color and pattern from the collared shirt underneath. This is a great outfit!

  3. the sweater is quite beautiful. Your mother has some skills. I like how you've styled it with the crisp gingham blouse and the bright beads.

    I've had books that I had to delay reading because I knew I wasn't ready to appreciate them.

  4. That's a nice gingham pattern.

  5. What a wonderful item to have in your closet. And isn't that always the way? We don't appreciate things for years and then we can't get enough.
    It really looks great with the pops of red.

    The Auspicious Life

  6. Great outfit! I like the red and white shirt collar popping out. It's the perfect touch to complete the look!

  7. That's so cool that the sweater was made by your mom! I love the pop of color on the top, too!

  8. Wow what a special sweater! Hey guess who is continuing the style chain of your chambray top/black skirt/leopard belt?!! Indiana from Adored Austin!

  9. The sweater is beautiful! So glad you kept it! I just love the pops of color from the shirt and necklace - perfect outfit!

  10. Wow Mom! those cables are HARD! and they came out beautifully :)

    it's very true, some things you just have to 'grow' into, which is why it's worth hanging onto to certain items. if only we could be sure of which ones!

    this a beautiful classic look on you, and i love the way you've cropped the picture. all that quality time with your camera is coming to fruition! steph

  11. Love the jacket, sweater and gingham shirt! And the turquoise pop of color from you necklace so fun. =D