Thursday, 23 June 2011

Yet another start

It's been almost a month since I last posted. The reason lies in the social,economical and political crisis my country Greece is going through. All the unrest , injustice and luck of freedom for the people to decide and plan their future just got me badly.
This  week I was bordering depression when I decided to direct my mind consciously to something that gives me pleasure.
Fashion blogging, yeah!!! And because it's nice and sunny and I desperately need to fix my mood this summer Iwill go for color and a lot of mix and match.
I sported a very strict minimalist style lately but now I feel like I need color and variation to lift my mood.
Today i wore a very simple t shirt over a floral dress I've worn many times before.I did tie a knot on the t shirt to  make it look summery.and to control the fit.
The shoes are bought in February sales from zara very cheaply and it was a well thought buy as I had predicted this style of shoe to be a hit come summer time.Other than that the shoes are made of natural materials like wood and leather and they are quite confortable.

No matter how corrupt a government may be or how bankrupt a country may become the nature is still the same .Beautiful ,soothing and always there!


  1. Oh its so good to see you!!!! I'm so sorry about the depressing goings on that you're having to deal with right now. On the plus side, you look gorgeous! Color certainly has a way of bringing me up! Hugs to you and good thoughts headed your way!! ~Serene

  2. Welcome back! I'm sorry to hear that you've been having such a hard time. I'm glad you are back and looking for beauty, color, & joy. Love the outfit! (Especially the shoes).

  3. Greece may be at a low point right now, but it is still the cradle of civilization! You should always be proud about everything Greeks have given us.

  4. Oh, Angie, I'm so sorry about the turmoil your country is going through. But, I'm happy to see you back and blogging.

    And, oddly enough, I totally copied you with my outfit today without even realizing it. I didn't see you post until just now, but had the same idea for an outfit.

    Great minds, I guess.

  5. I'm glad you're back. Each time I read or hear about the situation in your country, I have thought about you...In so many ways, the economic situation is not so far removed, although many Americans do not quite grasp that.

    I like how you have knotted the tee. May resuming your blog bring you the pleasure you need. {hugs}