Thursday, 23 June 2011

La historia... of a dress

Simple cotton dress bought on sale zara February 2009 . It fits nicely but not sewn in a nice quality way. Shorter than I prefer my dresses to be.

Worn as a skirt under a black sweater and with black riding boots, no tights. I remember feeling very light and comfortable.

Summer 2010. Worn over a simple white t shirt and adorned with a simple thin brown belt. This time I went barefoot. I think it makes nice contrast on white!!!

 Worn as a dress under a cardi( customized by me. I made it shorter )in similar shade.The focal point this time is a green necklace that gives a surprise element to the outfit.
 Autumn 2010. Nicely tucked under a white turtleneck and olive green cardigan. Again worn with boots but not tights. I remember it was the wrong choice, though, cause the day was far too windy for a dress!

 Winter 2010. This time the dress is worn with a  black cardigan and a matching scarf. I think the colored tights make it look special.
Summer of 2011.Worn under a simple tshirt tied in a knot. It's a nice but not common combination.


  1. It is so great to see you again Angie! So sorry about all the turmoil your country is experiencing. I have been there twice and I love Greece, especially Crete.

    Great history of your dress - it shows your creativity and style!


  2. Most of these look great but my absolute favorites are the first and last outfits.
    P.S. Welcome back, Angie!

  3. Great looks! I am reminded, once again, that good layering pieces are the keys to a versatile wardrobe. Why are they so hard to find????

  4. did amazing styling this dress! That's something that I'm trying to get better at.....wearing dresses in multiple ways. LOVE IT! Hugs! ~Serene

  5. Oh, I like the last two combinations especially. Have you ever tried the dress as a tunic, over leggigs or slacks?

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