Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Just colors

There is a story behind todays outfit. I bought the pants on a great price at the local market in early spring as I wanted to experiment with color blocking this summer.
A  few days later I went through a strict minimalistic period and the pants went on the throw away pile together with the red jacket I'm wearing on the photo.
I was determined to never wear cheap colorful clothes again. But for reasons unknown to me I decided to keep  a lot of my clothes in bags up in the attic. Thank God I did.
Looking at this photo today, I can't believe how nice the jacket and the pants look together!
Has something similar happened to you? Do you keep clothes away for the mere happiness to discover them again and look at them from a fresh angle? Please do.
I have to admit because I trust you will never tell anyone that the red jacket is on the tight side but it looks good unbuttoned like that over the shirt.


  1. Angie, I love the bright colors on you, and the layering. The rolled up pants are so chic too - I think it's one of your trademarks!

    You know, I don't keep my clothes in a safe place - when I decide to get rid of them, I do it right away. Buy you have got me thinking that maybe a holding place would be better.

  2. I usually keep my "to throw away" clothes for a few months before donating them. I do this partly because I procrastinate, but also to consolidate trips. And yes, I have occasionally gone back to retrieve items and been glad I did! In your case, it was a great save!

  3. Oh, I love this. Those green pants are fabulous on you and seeing them styled with the bright top and jacket is just the best. I'm so glad you kept those pieces!

    I've pulled some things out of the giveaway pile before because I had an epiphany on how to wear them, so I agree it definitely pays to take a second look.

  4. This is a beautiful outfit. I really like the color of the pants. I don't deliberately hide my clothes, but it is safe to say that I do rediscover some unloved pieces from time to time. I'm glad you held on to these.

  5. I LOVE the color of the pants!