Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Pick me up skirt

I made this skirt last summer and it's just a piece of cloth sewn on a wide elastic band which can be hidden or half hidden under a belt. You can't have more simple !  Since last summer I've worn it ...

with tanks

with shirts

with cardigans

and with simple t shirts
I quess that the following weeks that I will desperately need some pick me up pieces but I absolutely have no money to spend I will make some more of these skirts. I've made some for my daughter already!
Do you have any pick me up pieces in your wardrobe?


  1. How would I make a skirt like that? I would LOVE one, but I have zero sewing ability! HELP!

  2. Very cute and stylish, Angie! You're so talented to be able to whip up a skirt like that. Hope you are having a sunny day.

  3. I am wishing I could sew right now. What a versatile skirt! I love how many different looks you got from it. They're all good, but I especially like it with the black top and belt. Bravo!

  4. Angie! What a fabulous skirt!!! I love all the different ways you've worn it and continue to wear it. I've got too many "pick me up" pieces! I love to wear clothes that just make me happy! Hugs girly! ~Serene

  5. It's a beautiful fabric...and very versatile. After the news of this day, I want to send you material!