Saturday, 27 April 2013


Life is going back to normal again and mother in law is recovering in hep peaceful home away from the hectic hospital and I'm able to sllep in my comfortable bed again and not in a chair on a chair in the hospital. The good thing though is that I got to know many people and people come really close whan they are in need.

Outfitwise, I'm in a 40s mania mood. I study and copy the hair styles and make up and of course the style of clothes. This weekend I'm editing my clothes and only keep those that have a vintage feel and hopefully I will be able to look 40s like while trying to sew some vintage inspired stuff.
So here is my attempt of today

I had no pencil skirt ironed so my denim skirt was the only option. no denim skirts in the 40s and the flower in the hair is mostly from the fifties but I beleive I gave my outfit a vintage twist with what I have.

This brooch gets noticed and commented on everywhere I go and it's not even a's a hairclip but as soon as I saw it I sensed something nostalgic about it.

My girl took all the photos but she got fascinated by the flower the most and couldn't stop shooting with the camera.

I feel I'm embarking on a nice adventure and can't wait to start sewing. I'm on a very basic level and I'm gathering my fabric and patterns this week so hopefully I will start the week after,

Happy weekend everyone!!!


  1. You definitely have a 40's vibe here, Angie - very pretty! Love the hair style.

  2. Glad she is better and that your back home , you look really great , love the jacket !

  3. You obviously got the 40th chic, Angie! The waisted jacket and you hairdo copying perfectly the style. I love the fashion of the 40th because it is so flattering and ladylike. To add the flower the the brooch is a great idea and makes the look unique.
    I'm glad your mother in law is recovering and hope she will feel very well soon.

  4. Good luck with the sewing!

  5. So pleased that she's getting better and life can slow down a little. I love your 1940s-meets-modern day glam look. You look beautiful, I bet you get loads of attention when you're out and about. xxx

  6. Angie,
    I'm actually loving your jacket! Such pretty colors! Great 40's vibe going on here!