Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Skirt me made

This is my first Me made May outfit post where I took a pledge to wear at least one item or accessory that I either sew/crochet or refashioned myself. I thought this would be such a great challenge to wear what I have made and also realize how much I have made the past 3 years.

In the photo above I've sewn the skirt 3 summers ago and it's a simple skirt attached on a piece of elastic, one of my first and easiest projects.
Although I've worn it a lot I don't think I've made it justice up until today that it was included in a 40s inspired theme.

I'd love to show you a bit of the details in my outfit. I've drooled over those elastic belts with wonderful clips so in lack of one I improvized with my new/old brooch. See, when there is will there is a way.
The following is the fastest refashion project I've ever made

From this

 To minutes

Bye bye for now and don't forget to check tomorrow for my next me made outfit.


  1. So beautiful! I love all the ideas that you give here, great blog! Lots of inspiration!

  2. I love this expression: "me made". Great colorful skirt!

  3. Most excellent! One day I will do Made Me day!
    I love the skirt, and I LOVE the transformation of one piece of jewellery into TWO! Hurrah! XXX

  4. Wonderful! You look so beautiful! I love your skirt and that fabulously blinged-up belt.
    I did Me Made May a few years ago, I don't know why I haven't repeated it. Looking forward to seeing you fabulous makes. xxx

  5. I find this more exciting than a catwalk.

  6. You are so a talented seamstress, Angie! Congrats you did a good job! I love the style and the colorful floral pattern and how you make a vintage look with it. Whenever I see you wearing a turban I will try it too. But always the scarf is slipping away or my ears are boring me. Perhaps you will show us some time how you fix it.
    Sabine xxx

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