Thursday, 2 May 2013

The collar

Today's outfit was put together in a flash. The vintage men's shirt was given to me by mum. For many years I didn't know what to do with it but kept it anyway and even fitted it.
The collar I crocheted this winter after I fell in love with the color of the thread. Alas, it was  so expensive I could afford just one roll. Thus, the collar.
Skirt thrifted and shortened/taken in.

See my lovely bag! It was waiting for me in a pile of belts , bags and wallets and had my name on it.

And now a closer look at the star of this outfit

What? The new collection for summer and spring is out in the big retail stores? Who cares? Certainly not me!!!

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  1. Cute bag! Great collar too, me-made : >

  2. That collar is so sweet and that bag is even more gorgeous incorporated into an outfit.
    I hate retail stores, boring, expensive and horrid. xxx

  3. Your summer collection is much more colorful and creative than the one we found in the stores! So pretty the bag, telling a story!

  4. Love the collar and the bag ! And they dont sell that cool stuff in ordinary stoores !

  5. The bag are so cute. I like your glasses are cools!!! B)

  6. Wonderful collar and magic bag,Angie

  7. I love this skirt you look so beautiful!! Love it all :)

  8. I have such a soft spot for comic fabric... that bag is *delightful*. Not as quite as good as your 'fashion-face' of course, but great nonetheless!! xo