Wednesday, 4 December 2013

My year in crochet projects Part 1

 Hallo lovelies! Here I am today like I promised for the first part of my completed projects for this year. Now that I see them on photographs and all I feel oh! so proud. Like you can see my first attempts were fillet crochet a very old traditional way of crochet that is very popular all over europe. The tricky thing with fillet crochet is that it takes so much time and patience to complete a project.

 A bit later the granny square entered my life. I made the first one out of a utube video and kept making one after the other like an addict. It's the best for instant gratification. The difficult part that I was soon to discover is to join them. It takes so long. Next time I will join them as I go.

 Then came Christmas and I felt so inspired to make little white crochet stars that I gave away to many many people I know for their christmas trees.

How about this little ring? So easy to make and so lovely to wear. It's also a great way to recycle old buttons and left over yarn!

I think denim fabric  and fillet crochet go so good together. The round one was made by me back in the 90s when I travelled through India. Crochet was in front of my eyes then but I didn't see it back then.

 Like you have noticed already this blog has started as a style blog so it's not a surprise that I soon started to experiment with accessories like bags and scarves.

That's all for today.Stay tuned for part 2 and have a nice rest of the week.

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