Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Flowers in the winter!

 Serious danger, here. Watch out! Both making and photographing these crochet flowers can be addictive.

I've made one last Saturday evening following this simple pattern ( so simple, just a few photos) and since then I have made a whole bunch of them in many colors that have brighten up my sweaters, shirts and bags.

They trully give instant glamour to simple outfits. I only put 60 stiches in the first chain but if I added more the flowers would look so much bigger.

Needless to say I got so many compliments and even some ...orders to make some for others. I still have a few colors in my head that I would like to try and make some more. Please , try and make them, too, to see for yourself.

post signatureStars, Santas and small hanging pictures from the school bazaar. A bit of festive feeling among the chaos basically for the shake of children. Nobody, not even economic crisis can take Christmas away from the kids.

Speaking of kids and being short of money here is a few ideas to create perfect  Christmas memories without spending money.
How about letting the kids sleep under the Christmas tree with the fairy lights on all night?

How about making a CD with Christmas music and let it play everyday during holidays?

How about eating dinner with candle light and then watch all together classic Christmas movies? 
You bet I'll try and do all those things just to see the smile on their faces!
                                   w i s h    y o u    a   p e a c e f u l    w e k !!!


  1. Those flowers are fantastic! Also i have to say I love the direction you have taken your blog, you are very inspiring! Now i just need to learn how to crochet! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. Your flowers are very pretty ! You are right, a lot of people spend so much money over Christmas and children remember the simple traditional things. Have a happy Christmas! X

  3. They are so lovely Kelly.... What a lovely way to have color around you :-) Thank you so much for sharing a bit of yourself and for visiting my humble place... Blessings to you today! m.b.

  4. these are lovely and cheery - great for Christmas presents, and wonderful on your shirt!

  5. I love the flowers in the bush. You could trick a person into thinking it was Spring!

  6. Pretty little roses you've made there! Love the colours and I know how addicting photographing pretty things can be!

    - J