Thursday, 5 December 2013

A ring a day...

post signatureThe first drops of rain in my beautiful island of Crete caught me unprepared.
I sent my kids to school today without an umbrella for shelter and I walked in the rain listening to extraordinary music for 30 minutes.
I don't complain and they didn't either but in any case I bought us new umbrellas .
Today, I completed a small amount of the above crocheted rings for the Christmas school bazaar. I admire their simplicity. They look the same but each one is different really. I think to myself how easy it is to make one ring for each day of a month.
I feel this urge of creativity coming over me once again and I struggle to make time and complete each project I have in mind. But I promise you this....I will cut down internet time and I will concentrate on my projects.
Till later ........

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  1. How creative! These are lovely for the school bazaar.