Sunday, 29 December 2013

Sisi love

 The last days od December always flow very fast and before I know it it's the New Year celebrations come and with it the promise of a wonderful future. The photo above captures this feeling as I look at my 2 boys stroll down the road going their own way to the future they want to create. Seconds later after I took the photo, they dissareared only to come back in 2 hours.
 Sometimes there will be a shore for them to take a rest and sometimes the open sea to sail to their dreams. Me and their father are a bit worried but mostly curious about their decisions.
 As for my little girl, she still gazes the open seas but  has no desire to fly away

 She is so happy surrounded by our love in the safe harbour of our family. Oh! how much the harbour you see in the photos captures her feelings!
 But she occasionaly balances the mild turbulence of pre- adolecence like she is  doing now!
post signatureOh! how she will always be our little kitten! Or do I fool myself! Whatever, what will be will be!
P.S The beautiful fishing village you see in the photos is called Sisi. It's in the north -east part of Crete
and the perfect spot for family vacations.
This is where our rent a car office is located (although we bring cars to rent at the airport or hotels too) and where I spend all of the summer holidays. I'm in love with this place both in the summer but in winter time,too.


  1. Thank you for popping by my blog. I have only just worked out how to get onto yours. Wow what amazing pictures of where you live. It is absolutely gorgeous and I wish I lived there!! xx

  2. Letting our children go is one of the hardest things in the world - firstly to school on their own, then out with friends, to university and finally to make their own way through life. We just have to do our best and let them know they always have a home to come back to, but hard as it is, if they want to go and they succeed you know you've done your job right xx

  3. You have a lovely blog!
    Hope you have a great 2014!

    xoxo from Mexico!