Sunday, 19 February 2012

Why am I paying this?

Sometimes I wonder what's the real value of the clothes I buy. Take this skirt I'm wearing today. It's polyester all right but does that justify the price of 1 euro that I paid to buy it? On the other hand I've seen items of no real value to cost crazy amounts of money. Why is this happening? Just add this to the many crazy out of logical thinking stuff that goes around us every day.

skirt from local market shortened black cardigan marks &spencer belt zara fur collar stradivarious
I tried a new lay out today but i'm not quite sure. Please can you leave me some feedback as to how you want it better ,maybe more photos or something that I can't see but you can. Thank you so very much in advance.


  1. Value is a very shaky concept. Sometimes you find true quality for a price and yes, it's worth it. All too often, though, lower-quality items are priced too high. However, there have been times when I've bought something that I thought was overpriced simply because I knew it would add value to my wardrobe. And there have been times when I knew a cheap price was still way too much. So we define value for ourselves, too, when we decide whether or not to buy. We determine what adds value to our wardrobe and what doesn't.

  2. I like the collage! Because I thrift so many of my clothes, value seems very relative to me. A number of the thrift stores in my area have gone through remodels in the past couple of years. It is nice to have a better environment while you shop, but I am no longer willing to pay the jacked-up prices they are obliged to charge. I rely on my own personal sense of significance rather than the price tag. Good questions!

  3. As long as you shortened it yourself. I'd think twice about buying a skirt for a Euro ($1.30?) and then spend $15 to have a tailor shorten it!

    I just saw a pleated polyester skirt in the window at Forever 21 this weekend. They remind me of something my Granny might have worn, but for those who don't automatically think of Granny it's a new look. So a Euro for a look that's new and youthful isn't too bad.

    I like the photos in the collage. Sometimes photos get all strung out in blogs and then it's hard to keep the photos with the text.

  4. Loving the polka dots with the paiseley bracelet!

    <3 Cambria

  5. I find the collage of photos a bit difficult to focus on, I like the other way you have your photos. It puts more space between the images so i can focus better on the detail.